Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wisdom Wednesdays - Psalm 90 Pondering

During my quiet time this week, I was meditating on Psalm 90 and these verses caused me to ponder:
"The span of our life is seventy years,
or if we are strong, eighty;" 

I pondered:  My mother was a strong woman, and lived to be almost eighty-five. Jem is seventy, I am almost sixty-six. I'm so grateful to have become old because it is such a beautiful gift to be alive :)
Then I pondered this verse:

 "So teach us to count our days,
so that we will become wise."

I've sought HIS wisdom diligently for the past twenty years and, oh, the blessings and treasures I've found by following His Word and His Ways. 
Then I pondered on this verse:

"Fill us at daybreak with your love, 
so that we can sing for joy as long as we live.
 Let our joy last as long as the time you made us suffer,
 for as many years as we experienced trouble."

This is where I have my quiet time in the morning

I pondered:  My quiet time with my Good Shepherd in the morning sets my day up for JOY. I treasure that time with him and linger long as I fellowship with My Beloved.  I come away refreshed and filled with His JOY.  When I miss it, my joy is not so much.

Then, I pondered on the second part of that verse:  I suffered for a large part of my do you think He'll give me thirty more years? If so, I'd live to be ninety-six...maybe even 100. I'd like that because I love life.  As I thought of this, I also pondered on this passage from Psalm 92: (verses 13-16)

"The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
they will grow like a cedar in the L’vanon.  
Planted in the house of Adonai,
they will flourish in the courtyards of our G-d.
Even in old age they will be vigorous,
still full of sap, still bearing fruit, 
 proclaiming that Adonai is upright,
my Rock, in whom there is no wrong."

Daily, I thank G-d that I can see, hear, walk, talk, think, and that I have strength. I pray for Rabbi Jem and I to have good health.  I also pray to live a righteous life, because that will cause us to flourish.  I want to be like Moshe, who was vigorous, full of sap, and still bearing fruit until his death.  I live to proclaim the praises of ADONAI and to do the work of His Kingdom.  

We have lots of palm trees here in Florida, and we have six in our yard.  I've decided to let them be reminders of how we will flourish as we stay in the courtyards of our G-d and live a righteous life.  
one of our flourishing palm trees, bearing much fruit

Then I pondered on this verse:

 "Show your deeds to your servants and your glory to their children. 
May the favor of Adonai our G-d be on us, 
prosper for us all the work that we do 
— yes, prosper the work that we do."
(Psalm 90: 16-17)
I pondered how that verse so completely expresses the desire of my heart.

photo source unknown

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  1. I'm approaching 62 and your post spoke beautifully to me. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comment.