Friday, July 16, 2010

My Favorite Bible Verse

I'm linking up to Cindy's challenge to share my favorite Bible verse.  That is such a difficult challenge.  There are many verses of Scripture  I could list.  God' s Word is my lifeline, my strength, my food.  It quenches my thirst, comforts me, guides me, counsels me, and daily
intrigues me anew.

In Judaism, we read the Torah through every year.  I never fail to be amazed that I can read a passage over and over again, and still learn something new.  I also read the book of Proverbs monthly, reading the chapter that corresponds to the day.  In example, today I read Proverb 15.  Today the first verse jumped out at me, and spoke, "Share this with her."  I had been talking with someone about how important our tone and facial expressions are when speaking.  G-od's Word is alive!!!

But I digress!  Back to my "favorite" verse:   

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside the still waters
He restores my soul.

Does your soul ever need restoring?  Mine does.  The pressures of daily life can wear me out.  I need time in nature (green pastures) and  to sit by the water.  Being still, watching birds and butterflies, listening to the wind in the tress, looking at the river or a pond calms me down and enables me to hear G-d's voice again.  This is one of the places I go to be still and be restored.

This spot is on the Indian River in Brevard County, Florida, near where I live.  When I can't visit there, I sit on my patio and look at the pond my dear, sweet husband made for me.  He knows how I need still waters.

A part of being restored is feeding on the green pastures.  No, not grass, silly!  That's what sheep eat.  My green pastures are G-od's Holy Scriptures.  I read His Word, and meditate on it as I sit still in the wonders of His beautiful creation.   Soon, I hear His tender, sweet voice and my soul leaps with joy.  My fellowship with Him is so sweet, I don't want to leave.  I walk away encouraged, strengthened and at peace.

If you've never tried being still by the water, reading the Scriptures, and  listening to G-d's voice, please try it.  I know you will be blessed and restored.  

I hope you'll visit Cindy's blog and read other's favorite verses.

Shalom Ya'll


  1. First of all, I am so very glad to have found you! I so need a rabbi's wife in my life! We have been Messianic for 13+ years now and I am hungry for leadership! Your post was wonderful in so many ways! I can't wait to get to know you! Shalom to you too!!!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmm...yes....thank you so much for sharing. When I am taking the wee ones for a walk (I run a home daycare),,many times I will speak Psalm 23..just saying it over and over,,letting God's Word just wash over my spirit....

    Like you, I read a Proverbs a Day..helps 'keep the Dr.' away'

  3. Thanks for your wonderful post, Gail. It' s difficult in today's world to sit quietly, even for a short while. But we all know and long for that solitude and peace. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially like the the fact that your husband built a pond for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and scriptures. I plan to start with the Proverb-in-a-month reading, too.

  4. Oh Gail,
    I was just thinking about you this morning--and then I saw your link!!! This is so beautiful...I had just finished reading a book that said this scripture is the most well-known one....that more people know this than any other one...can you believe?

    I love it in English, but I especially love it in Hebrew and have it memorized...In times of trouble, I always recite it...Mizmor le David,
    Adonai ro i lo echsar ...(transliteration)...and so on...I love it because it brings such peace.

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. I love the picture of the beach and of your yard...what a gorgeous pond!
    Sending hugs and shalom,

  5. Yes, there is something about water! I am not sure why it has this effect. The entire Psalm 21 is such a rich blessing. I am so thankful that he restores our souls

  6. You have me thinking where my green pasture is...your lake picture is beautiful.

  7. Well I'm following your blog post now. I always love someone who can give us a fresh insight into the Word! than ks for linking up today
    Blessings and Shalom to you!

  8. Lovely and insightful...peace&blessings...olive♥

  9. love it! great scripture that I also recite at random times. He is so amazing, his word is alive and vibrant to restore, renew, rebuild. I sure need refreshings and need that still water time more than I get it.

    Tried to follow but button won't let me.

  10. One of the first verses I ever learned. Was said as a prayer nightly as I was growing up. Thank you for that memory.

  11. I loved the photos - watching and listening to water has always been a blessing to me as well. And I, too, recently wrote about the wonderful and encouraging Bible verses in Psalm 23! Great minds.... :)

    Thank you for a delightful and peaceful Saturday. Have a blessed week!

  12. Hi Gail,
    I hope you've had a wonderful Sunday--AND I'm so glad the storm stayed out of our way...thankful to God for that...very thankful!!!


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