Monday, October 27, 2014

Israel Trip - Temple Mount or Bust

In my previous post, I said it started raining.  Well, it started pouring....and like I said before, we were not prepared.  Aaron, our fellow traveler, was the only one who was prepared.  He offered his poncho to Shelby and me, and we used it like a tarp for a while, but the rain came harder.  

We waited for a bit and then decided to walk on.  Bad idea.  It started up again, and we ran for shelter to an outdoor area with trees.  One of our tour members fell on the slippery stone and injured her leg.  After a while, when we were sure she was okay to keep walking,  we continued toward the Temple Mount. 

We trudged on (very carefully) until we found a shop that sold umbrellas and rain ponchos. We stocked up and journeyed on.

On the way, we saw this rocky road, which are remains of the Herodian period.  Can you imagine walking on this road?  It reminded me of a railroad track.

We saw this menorah - which is a favorite site for photographs.  Too bad, the weather prohibited our stopping to take pictures of ourselves.

We finally arrived at the Temple Mount area, and entered through the Jerusalem Archaeological Park.  There was more of delay because the rains continued.  When we were able to go back outside, we walked down a steep staircase to see the remains of the part of the Western Wall that was destroyed.  The photos below are from that area. If it looks like a huge pile of rocks - it is.  But these are important rocks, and Israel is attempting to raise the funds to restore this area, which includes the ritual mikvahs (baths)

We spent some time in the museum and I found this map interesting because it shows the Temple Mount and Western Wall in relation to the infamous Muslim mosque with the gold dome.

According to the Bible, one day the Temple will be rebuilt. The Temple Institute has everything in place for furnishing the Temple, including the golden implements used for animal sacrifices.  You can read about the Temple Institute on Google.  The only thing standing in their way is that mosque...and ADONAI.  We know the Muslims will never give it up, but G-d has ways of getting things done.  This is all part of His plan when Yeshua returns..  Prophecy will be fulfilled in G-d's time.

Keep in mind, dear Gail-Friends, we are standing within ten or twenty feet of the Western Wall  -  the place where I planned to pray.  The place where I would place my friends prayer requests between the stones.   When I asked the tour guide when we would be going to that wall, she looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said, "This is the Wall," and pointed to the fallen rocks.  

This was not the answer I wanted to hear, and I'm sure my face showed my disappointment.  I'll tell you what happened next in tomorrow's post. 

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