Sunday, October 26, 2014

Israel Trip - The Cardo

This would be the day we'd visit the Temple Mount.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  On both of my trips, my one goal was to touch the Wailing Wall.  The morning dawned with a few rain clouds, but we didn't prepare.  We would regret it later. 

We entered the gate of the Old City:

A light rain started, and we had to be careful of the ice-like conditions on the stone streets.  Isn't the mosaic star interesting?

The Old City is built on many different levels, with lots of staircases.  We are standing on one level.  The staircase leads to another level.  Note the garbage truck going by.  Also, the Hanukkah menorah.  These are all over the Jewish Quarter, and are lit for eight nights.  I was so happy to be there for the holiday.

The columns you see in the photo above are a Roman shopping area, which is on a level below where I was standing for the photos.  I found this fascinating.  Jerusalem has ruins of many eras.

This area is known as the Roman Cardo, and is one of the key attractions of the Jewish Quarter.  This collonade was built by Hadrien in 130 A.D.  On display in the area is Madaba Map (below).  The Cardo is depicted on the mosaic.

The photo below is of a mural in the area, which shows what the Cardo would have looked like during that time period.

photo source:  Wikipedia, which has a good article about the Cardo HERE
The area is now a popular place for businesses, restaurants shopping and art galleries.  I took the photos below looking down into the Cardo street.  I was fascinated by the dark and light areas.

Standing in the same place, I looked up and took this photo.

I was happy to see another Hanukkah menorah - this one in an apartment window.

I always notice flowers and multi-colored leaves on trees.

and birds...

And here's a good thing for you to know if you ever visit the Old City - a kosher pizza place. 

We are making our way to the Temple Mount, but I have a bit more to show you before we reach our destination.  Come back tomorrow to see more of the beauty of the Old City.

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