Friday, July 23, 2021

A Great Resource for Women


I recommend this resource for all women - young, old, single, married, mothers, and those without children also. 

God has given us a mandate to teach the younger women -- and there's always someone younger than you, right?  I am always encouraged by Nancy's writing.  I hope you will take God's mandate to heart and share God's Word with the women around you.


  1. And you can get the print magazine to your home for free - though it's always nice to send them an annual gift if it blesses you!

    1. Yes - I should have mentioned that. Our synagogue gives it to all of our ladies. And we do make a generous donation to Above Rubies - such a blessing. She's been doing this magazine for many years. It's always such a blessing when it comes in the mail. I have many of her books and recordings, too. I recommend them all.


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