Friday, September 3, 2021

Golden Cottage Happenings



Greetings Gail-Friends:

It's been a while...'cause I've been super busy.  I haven't been writing much lately because I've been focusing on art.  A friend  and fellow artist, Joy, and I are sharing booth space in the Green Circle Art Gallery in Cocoa Village.  I had some paintings done, but needed more, so that's what I've been doing, Gail-Friends.  Here's a photo of our space:

Last month, Rabbi Jem and I went to the Authors for Authors writers conference where I met Yvonne Mason, a fellow Georgia gal.  She invited me to be on her radio show, which I was happy to do.  Yvonne is so interesting to talk with, and she really put me at ease.  The show was not scripted, so we just chatted for an hour -- not so much about my books, but about God working our lives.  After the introductory song, the talking begins at the 4:45 mark Here's the link to the show:   Gail Golden interview

 Mr dear husband and I are members of the Space Coast Writers Guild, and he entered their recent short story contest -- Mischief.  Well, being the mischievous type, he entered a story -- and won second prize -- and $150.  I'm so proud of him!  




The plan-demic continues, and I've decided to keep my focus on Adonai.  He is my healer.  Sometimes I'm tempted to get anxious and/or depressed about the way things are going in my beloved country, but Adonai is also my Comforter and the Lifter of My Head.  Here are a couple of paintings I've done in the past that I hope will encourage you to keep your eyes on Him, too.




Focusing on God's Word, my blessings, helping others, doing art, listening to praise music -- all of these things are wise choices for times like these.  Also, I'm focusing on the beauty around me.  Here's some of it: 

I live in paradise - this is a marina near Cocoa Village.
Date palm flowers
This little duckie went to the Authors for Authors writers conference
beauty on my fence
my dear husband and our blind doxie reading the paper together - precious!

Blessings to you all, dear Gail-Friends.  Would love to hear what's happening in your world!



  1. Love your artwork and photos! Your dog looks like my childhood dogs, Pixie and Sheena. Sweet!

    1. Awww - doxies are such great dogs - stubborn, but devoted! Born blind - we rescued her from the SPCA. She's an amazing dog and deeply committed to guarding and protecting us. Getting old now -- but when the doorbell rings, she's like a raging pit bull. Thank you for the sweet compliment and for stopping by today.


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