Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Barbie Movie and Smashing Babies



I never had a Barbie doll growing up.  But I do remember not wanting one.  I couldn't understand my friends who wanted one.  I loved "baby" dolls.  I wanted a real baby, too.

As an adult,  I saw or read opinions that Barbie was sending the wrong message:  girls must be thin, with long legs, and big breasts.  I got the idea, and yet, I bought Barbie dolls for my two girls.  I just never thought much about it. 

 When the Barbie movie came out, I had no desire to see it.  But, I did see a  Facebook review of it by a woman who saw it with her young daughter  She said, 

"How bad can it be?" I thought. "Ignore the agenda. I'm sure it will be cute."
The opening scene literally was of little girls bashing baby dolls' heads against rocks in celebration of never having to be a mom. It was so disturbing. Lizzy and I just looked at each other. Mom's around us were laughing. I felt sick to my stomach.
The movie never got better. We both thought it would end with an understanding between Ken and Barbie that there's value in male and female both, and we can coexist. Nope. Women rule. Ken was a sobbing mess.
I really thought people had exaggerated how bad it must be. They didn't. It was worse."

I felt sick myself after reading her review, but THEN . . . I ran across Rabbi Cahn's YouTube video about Barbie and the messages it portrays.  Here is his introduction:

"Barbie, Ishtar, & the Smashed Babies – Could a doll from the 1950s and a Hollywood movie be connected to an ancient Mesopotamian goddess – and to the end times? Could there actually be a dark mystery behind Barbie?       Click here to watch - https://youtu.be/cKp-A6BBg-E
 Let me know what you think.  
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