Monday, July 21, 2014

Israel Trip - Caesaria Philippi

Next stop on our trip that day was beautiful Caesarea Philippi.  Israel is so unique in its topography.  We went from seashore to mountains to lakeside...and now to springs.  Our trip was in the first week of December, and Israel reminded me of my home state of Florida.  We get the color of changing leaves in December also.  

I love the passionate expression on Natalie's face.  What a great tour guide she was.  She shared her wealth of history with us, and also her love of Israel. 

This site is only twenty-five miles north of the Sea of Galilee and at the base of Mt. Hermon.  The large springs there feed into the Jordan River.  While this spot is very beautiful, it is also connected to pagan worship. Many temples were built here to honor false gods, such as Pan. 

Some in our group hiked up the incline to look inside the grotto (above) and get a closer look at the alcoves which formerly housed pagan statues.  I was not interested, and preferred to admire G-d's creation.  

Berries growing near the springs.

Beautiful clear water

I think these are tadpoles...or maybe fish eggs.

Many types of trees.  I beieve these are aspens, and they were so gorgeous in the afternoon sun that day.  Gold leaves, white trunks....awe-inspiring beauty.

A European robin in a fig tree.  

I know it's a European robin because of this sign.  I love birds, so this caught my eye.  I was glad to find a field guide to the birds in the area.  I saw several species, but didn't get photos of them.

This t-shirt caught my eye as we toured the gift shop.  

That's right. Let's stay behind Israel, too.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Gail-Friends.  

Next stop on our tour was the Jordan River....the site where I was baptized in 1996.  Come back next week to see that lovely spot, as well as my photos of the sunrise on the Sea of Galilee.  Oh, the glory!

Shalom Y'all.


  1. What a fabulous trip! Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social!

    1. Thank YOU Lisa for sharing this on Facebook.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really want togo to Israel and this is a way for me to see a part of it :-)