Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mishpacha at Passover

At the seder, we remember.
 As promised, here are some photos from our Passover seder last week. To learn more about Passover and the meaning of the seder, click on this LINK.

 The photo above is of LaVonne and her husband, David.  LaVonne is an amazing artist, and very gifted in needlecraft arts.  She designed and hand embroidered this Torah ark cover for the synagogue and presented it to us at the seder.  The cover is embellished with tiny pearls, and is truly an awe-inspiring work of art.

We had a full house, with every chair filled.  
Spending time with family (mishpacha) is priceless, right? 

We began the evening with my lighting the candles
and reciting the prayer in Hebrew and English.

Kagen read the four questions, and was quite the entertainer.  
His antics kept everybody laughing.

The affikomen was hidden, and Taylor found it.  Then she had to haggle with Rabbi to redeem it.  She's smiling because she got $15.00.  What negotiating skills!  

As part of the seder, we always set a place for Elijah, 
and the children look out the door to see if he's coming.

For Elijah

The children didn't see him that night.  Each year, we pray Elijah comes soon, and that Hashem will speed the return of our Messiah, Yeshua.

We remembered, worshipped, prayed, sang, laughed and, of course, we ate.  We had tons of food.  After all, Passover is a commanded feast.  And we had four different kugels for dessert -- cinnamon, raisin, peach, and strawberry-chocolate chip!  I think this will be a new tradition at our synagogue because they were such a hit.  A big thank you was given to the ladies who cooked them, and for all who helped set up, brought food, and helped clean up after the seder. That's what mishpacha does.

After the seder, we danced.  

Rabbi Jem loves to dance and I do, too.

Rabbi dancing with Abigail.

Abigail is four years old, and she is a hoot.  She talks constantly and says the funniest things.  I asked her mother if she's keeping a record of her hilarious observations.  She said, "No, because I'd be writing all day long!"  That's true!  I love, love, love being around children.  They just make life so wonder-FULL!!!!  Every one of the children in our congregation is a joy to be with.  Most are home-schooled, and extremely smart, too.

I hope you had a wonderful Passover with your mishpacha, 
and I'd love to hear about your Passover celebration.

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