Friday, March 24, 2017

Sabbath Music - It Is Well With My Soul

Greetings Gail-Friends, and Shabbat Shalom.

I ran across these quotes this week:

To rest is an act of faith.  
It means we honestly believe
 that our existence is not dependent on our effort


 A Sabbath well spent brings a week of content. 

For me a well spent and perfect Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday night.  We will be gathered together with mishpocha (family in Yeshua) at our synagogue in worship, priase, dance, prayer, study of His Torah, with food and fellowship afterward.

After a night of restful sleep (I always sleep better on the Sabbath for some reason), Saturday is most always spent on my porch overlooking Golden Pond.  I listen to music, read His Word, reflect, meditate, write, and draw or paint.  Most of all, I rest from my housework and from anything else that causes stress.

Sometimes, hubby and I take walks or rides to relax.  There's nothing like nature to revive one's spirit.  Something as simple as a flower can bring overflowing JOY!

Or a bird...always a bird ! ! !

Thinking about all the overflowing blessings in our lives, and being thankful for them is refreshing.  We talk about that together on our walks and rides.  We always reflect on the blessing of His bringing us together (almost eleven years ago).

This is a beautiful selection of piano music for your Sabbath rest.  The video accompanying the music reflects His glory.  If you can't be outside, maybe this will suffice to rest your spirit and body.

 Piano/Orchestra hymns (Over 1 hour long) by Greg Howlett

The first song on Greg's video is It Is Well With My Soul.  This link has the words to the song, and I can testify that it is always true after my Sabbath rest.

I pray you have a good Shabbos, Gail-Friends.  I'd love to know what your  well spent Sabbath is like.


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  1. Lovely thoughts. Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Visiting from Classical Homemaking Party

    1. Thank you, Laura. Welcome to Gail-Friends, and come again soon.
      Blessings to you, too