Friday, April 14, 2017

Sabbath Music - He Is Risen & More!

This is a wonderful Sabbath, Gail-Friends!  It's Preparation Day right now, and we're getting ready for our service tonight, preparing for our Passover seder tomorrow, and reflecting through all of it about the resurrection of Yeshua, our Messiah.

I'm reflecting on my first seder almost twenty years ago.  I was awe-struck as I looked at the matzah in my hand, portraying Yeshua's stripes and piercings.  That matzah also symbolized the fact that our Messiah had no sin (portrayed by the absence of chametz/leaven).  We broke the matzah, as a picture of him being broken for us.  Then the afikomen was opened, which portrayed His death and resurrection.  The Passover seder is such a beautiful portrayal of G-d's great love and mercy.  My heart is overwhelmed with love and gratitude for Hashem today.

This is my favorite song to listen to, not just at Passover, but all year 'round.  I hope you enjoy this rendition by the 2nd Chapter of Acts.  I love the lyrics.

And I have more music for you, Gail-Friends.  These are two songs we'll be singing at our seder:  The world's most popular Passover song - meaning "it would have been enough":  Dayanu

And another favorite:  This song is imploring Elijah the prophet to come. (We always set a place for him at the seder):  Eliyahu Hanavi

And this is the dance version of Eliyahu.  We love to dance to this song after the seder, rejoicing that Messiah ben David has come, and looking forward to His second coming.

Enjoy, and Chag Sameach!

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