Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Florida Folk Festival - #1

As promised last week, today I'll share about our vacation to the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs, Florida.  On the way, we saw several mimosa trees (above).  They are common in the northern portion of our state and I miss seeing them on the Space Coast.  The blooms always remind me of pink powder puffs and when the whole tree is covered with them, it's a beautiful sight.

We also made a stop at a place in Barberville.  We've passed by it many times and been amazed at the crazy "yard art" display.  Check out that BIG chicken!

How about a giant dinosaur or a statue of Atlas?
We went inside to see a huge collection of the most amazing things.

A unique garden bench

A huge collection of gazing balls.

There was so much to see, but we couldn't stay long.  We did buy these tiles for the front of the Golden Cottage:

The highlight of the Florida Folk Festival for me was meeting Bing Futch, a very accomplished dulcimer player. I've learned some good solid techniques from his YouTube videos.

It was amazing to hear the sounds he made with the instrument.  He recently won first place in a "guitar" contest while playing, not a guitar, but a dulcimer.

Another highlight was meeting one of the headliners of the festival, Melanie.  You may remember her most famous hit, "I've Got a Brand-New Pair of Roller Skates."  We didn't see her main performance, but did catch her morning workshop.

Her son accompanied her performance and is very talented, too.  I was delighted to learn that Melanie shares my passion for painting rocks.  She also talked about if she were to have a rock-painting workshop, the first day would be all music, the second-day cookie-baking, and by then everyone would be in a great mood of creativity for painting rocks on the third day.  I love it!

My favorite artist of all was Jim Stafford, who is a prolific and funny songwriter as well as an amazing guitarist.  He's hilarious and very engaging with the audience.  We laughed so hard.  A two-man act, Brother-Brother, performed with him.  These two young guys actually are brothers and put on a real foot-stomping show.

The first day we were there, I attended a dulcimer workshop.  The teacher, David Beede, is also a very talented musician and crafts hand-made instruments.  Everybody there was helpful in sharing tips and tricks for playing the mountain dulcimer.

David Beede, our teacher.

Laurie, helping me with my technique.

This bench sat near the tent where the workshop was held.  I was awe-struck by the beauty of the setting and felt so thankful to be enjoying music and song in such a peace-inducing place.

My venture into this idyllic light-filled glen could be where I picked up a tick.  I found it during my shower that night.  There are signs in the park that say, "Check yourself for ticks daily." The park is in the middle of the woods and that's just a part of the experience.  Ticks, mosquitoes, and other annoying bugs are par for the course here in the Florida.  We're used to it.  If you ever visit, be sure to take a bug repellent that contains Deet.  (I forgot that this year, but I won't forget next year.)

There is so much more to share, and I'll continue next week.

What are you thankful for this week, Gail-Friends?

P.S.  I promise to tell you about the angel wings photo in last week's post in next week's post.

Thankful Thursday is my day of the week to focus on and be thankful for all the good things in my life.

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