Friday, July 26, 2019

Thankful Thursday - Peace / Shalom

Golden Cottage peace lilies
Did you know that the Hebrew word for peace is "shalom"? We say shalom to say hello and shalom to say goodbye - thus always extending the desire for peace.  It's a lovely word.

One thing I've said over and over in my life is this:  "I prize peace above everything."  Peace is a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing thing in one's life.  To be at rest, without anxiety, with a grateful heart and sweet serenity.  I prize peace so dearly, I think because I lived without it for much of my life.  Now, I have peace and I am most grateful to God.  Here is how I found it:  

"Those who love your Torah have great peace
nothing makes them stumble."
Psalm 119:165

Here are a few of the peace-full things around Golden Cottage lately:

The view from my office desk
One of the birdbaths at Golden Cottage

The shadowbox Jem made for my daddy's military service

The view from my living room toward Golden Cottage Garden

The beauty of flowers and plants - tenderly cared for by Mr. Green Jeans (aka as my sweet hubby)

We have 36 blooms so far this year.

Our sweet fur-baby, napping peacefully
Mr. Blue Jay who loves to steal cat food

Another fur-baby, still in ICU, but doing so much better now.  Thank you, Father
And here's a photo taken on my second trip to Israel.  It's in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.  The garden is a beautiful, peaceful place.  I'm longing to go there again . . . and it could be soon!  You can read about my visits at this link.

I found this meme about peace (Garden of Bright Images on Facebook).  I like it.  I found that rest in Adonai, through Yeshua and obedience to His Torah.  Shalom to you all, Gail-Friends. 

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  1. My hubby passed away in May, and my cousin sent me that plant. Had no clue that it is called a Peace Lily because the cards for care that came with it said no name or really how to care for it. Glad to have visited and seen what it is called so I can check out further how to care for it, and if can be planted outside in Ohio. So far though there was only one sprout with a flower and no more since that one died.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

    1. Peabea- I'm sorry about your husband, and I hope our Heavenly Father gives you peace each time you look at your plant. I don't know much about the peace plant - perhaps it is the Lily of the Valley (another name for Yeshua, the Messiah,) spoken of in Scripture.

      My husband is our gardener and has the green thumb. I'm strictly forbidden to touch the plants - I have the black thumb of death. All I can tell you about ours is that they are in containers, in the shade, under a camphor tree. They get the morning sun, and daily watering in the summer (central Florida). They will let you know when they are thirsty by wilting. But, they spring right back when you give them a drink. He also uses Miracle Grow on all of our plants. If planted, they will spread like other lilies.

      I hope your plant will thrive and bring you as much joy as mine.

      Thanks for stopping by today and come again soon.


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