Friday, February 28, 2020

Thankful Thursday - Lots of Blessings

I'm back! Here's what's been happening 'round Golden Cottage:

I've been busy writing, editing, and formatting my next book.  Hopefully, it will be published in a couple of weeks.  

Our bird of paradise is finally blooming, and I'm so thankful.  I'd about given up on it because it hasn't bloomed since we potted it two or three years ago.  Now, it has two more blooms coming on.  

We were thankful to spend a nice afternoon with our grandson and son-in-law at an area historical event called Frontier Day.  We visited Sam's House on Pine Island which is the oldest standing home in Brevard County (circa 1875). The Sams Cabin is now a museum within the 1,000-acre Pine Island Conservation Area. There were lots of things to do and see in addition to touring the old cabin and the newer two-story home.

This is the parlor of the newer home.

Our grandson had fun doing things like digging for archeological artifacts, trying to rope a steer, and his favorite:

milking a cow - don't you love her expression?

roping a steer isn't as easy as it looks
The steer was a bale of hay with a set of horns.

The Civil War reenactors were there with several exhibits:

I was glad to see the register to vote booth.  When we said we were staunch Republicans, they frowned.

Jon liked sitting on a log 'round the campfire with the reenactors.  He had to show me his muscle - which is a stress ball he slid into his shirt.  I asked, "Are you ever stressed?"  He thought about it a minute and said, "Sometimes."

We loved listening to the music that day, too.  Good, old-timey folk tunes are my favorite.

I love these pics of my grand-boy.  He was pretty tired at the end of the day:

I'm so thankful for him.  These childhood days are passing by too soon.  He's going on eleven now, and every day we spend with him is precious.  I love this boy!

Toonie Woo, Esq. is doing good.  He's still not adapted to being an indoor cat and cries to go out a lot.  His nose is finally looking almost normal, after almost a year.  I hate to tell him no, but he has to stay inside for his health and well being.

My friend, Barbara, told me about a fun idea to keep the squirrels out of my birdfeeders.  A Slinky!

Well, as you can see it didn't work.  But it was fun seeing him try it the first time...going boing, boing, up and down the pole, then sliding slowly to the bottom!  It did my heart good!

We had some bad weather last week - lots of rain and wind gusts of thirty miles an hour.  We were going across the causeway and saw this  (wind kicking the waves up to four feet along the bulkhead):

Jem and I had a celebration of our love on February 14.  We're still happy as clams after almost fourteen years of marriage.  I'm so blessed and thankful.

He brought me a beautiful bouquet, card, and a sweet letter.  I gifted him with a brandy decanter (filled) with matching glasses and some of his favorite candies.  We went out that evening to a prime rib dinner at the American Legion.  They had a photo booth set up, so we had our picture made.  I love this man.  The medal box on the table is one Jem made for my father.  Those are the medals he earned during his time in the Navy during World War II.

One evening last week, we saw a gorgeous sunset.  It reminded me of a soft pink and blue baby blanket.  I never get tired of sunsets or sunrises, do you?  I feel like they are greetings and blessings from God every morning and night, and I just have to praise HIM

We've been taking some great bird rides, and I'll share some pics next week.  Winter is when all the snowbirds visit our area and I love it!  Speaking of winter, I love Florida winters.  We've been having two to three days of cool temps (highs in the low 60's), followed by three to four days of warm temps (highs in the 80's).  That's the way I like it, Gail-Friends.

Blessings to y'all and have a good week. 

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