Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Who Will Stand?


 Who will stand for Me against those who practice iniquity?
(Psalm 94:16)
Thousands are now coming to Washington, D.C. to pray and stand up for our beloved country.  You can watch what's happening at this link  Prayer Gathering in Freedom Plaza  
There will be other events televised from D.C. tomorrow - go to Right Side Broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, or on their website.

Please join us in this prayer from Intercessors for America.  Especially pray today for the election in Georgia - that Republicans will be victorious.  Tomorrow is the day the electors will affirm their state's votes before Congress.  

Father God,

You are our God Who sees. You know where we have failed as a nation--- whether in our churches, our schools, our families, our government, our disrespect for You as our Creator and Righteous Judge. You have seen what has taken place in our nation and You know the plots and schemes of men. We ask that all that has been hidden be revealed. Please expose the unfruitful works of darkness that have been perpetrated against the American people. We pray that You would administer swift and perfect judgment against those who subvert the will of the nation’s voters, all for dishonest gain.

Lord, we pray for our President’s legal team and advisers, that those who refuse to listen to Your guidance would be quickly removed from President Trump’s team. Encourage our President, Lord, and give him the strength to remain strong in battle. Please intervene in all aspects of the Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia battles. Father, we pray that the two Republican senate candidates in Georgia would legally win the run-off votes. Father, let any state be put to shame that seeks to deny its voters’ wishes to prevail. May those involved in the legal challenges in Pennsylvania be given Your righteous settlements.

Father, we confess that none of this is possible without You, but we confess that nothing is too difficult for You. Those of us who love You grow weary of the efforts of many who seek to destroy our President and the will of the American majority. We pray that You would expose and strike down every wicked plot and scheme.

Your Word asks, “Who will stand for me against those who practice iniquity?" We so often fail to recognize Your command for each of us to stand for truth. Give us the courage to not only stand for truth but to hate the evil that You hate. Each of us can do this with Your help.

We confess that what You have called us to do, You will faithfully and completely equip us to do. We are not alone in this battle. You are our Banner and our Shield. Thank You for giving us the courage to take a stand, and to remain standing until we see the salvation of the Lord. Lead us, Lord God, and we will take back this nation for Your glory alone. May Your Name be held high in America and throughout the world, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Praise be to our Mighty and Awesome King. Amen.


  1. Amen! Thank you for this prayer.

  2. Beautiful prayer and I believe that people's prayers will be answered according to God's will for He is steadfast and Holy. I am thankful for to be living in a land that has a constitution like ours. So thankful.


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