Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yom Kippur 5775

On Yom Kippur, we dress ourselves, the bema, the ark, and the Torah in white.

Each year at Yom Kippur, we pause to acknowledge our sins, ask forgiveness of G-d and others, and make amends for any broken relationships. We read a long list of sins that may have crept into our lives over the past year.  The one that always seems to show up for me is complaining.

Have you ever thought of complaining as a sin?  It is a sneaky sin for sure.  It's easy to fall into a pattern of negativity, especially when you watch the news.  I am guilty of being discouraged and complaining about the government.  Complaining does no good.  Because we are a part of a representative government, we have a responsibility to take an active part in the running of our governments (local, state and national).  So, I have asked G-d's forgiveness, and renewed my commitment to pray and take action in the process of our government.

At Yom Kippur, I'm also reminded of the grace of G-d in providing a payment for sin.  Yeshua's blood took the place of animal sacrifices.  I express my gratitude, not only for that blood, but for the power of ADONAI living inside me.  He is the Living Word written on my heart, and I just have to praise Him.

I wanted to share a couple of new things in our service this year.  First, a member of our congregation made a replica of the priest's breastplate, and Rabbi Jem wore it during the service:

My wonderful husband
We also added circle dancing to the service which may seem strange since Yom Kippur is a solemn time of reflection and confession of sin.  We are humbled as we recognize more sin in our lives.  But then as we acknowledge G-d's grace in forgiveness, we thank Him for providing the payment for our sins.  We have overflowing joy,  and we have to praise Him for his provision in Yeshua the Messiah.  So, this year, we added a circle dance to our service.  Everyone joined in, at least at the beginning.  It was a long song, so some gave out, including me.

Here are a few pictures of the service, our dancing, and then a video of the song we danced to.  Enjoy!

The blowing of the shofar
Henei Ma Tov - How beautiful to dwell in unity
Our children love to dance

Here is the song we danced to.  Mashiach ben David by Lenny and Varda Harris.  Yes, He is the reason that we sing (and dance).

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  1. a beautiful celebration of our Lord and personal repentance. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  2. Loved watching the dance video. Is this a traditional Jewish dance that everyone learns growing up? Are there different dances for different feasts/festivals?

    1. The hora is a common dance with Jews. Yes, we have different dances for the holidays. Our dance leader lived in Israel for a while and learned some beautiful dances. I remember growing up in church, and I wondered why we didn't dance. That is one of the things I love most about Judaism. That joy just has to be expressed.

    2. I love the dance. I have a vague memory of learning some of these dances in physical education class back in the 70's. When I saw the video it brought back this wonderful memory. I loved learning and participating in these dances. They're filled with joy and celebration, as it should be. Thank you so much for sharing the video. Being a Gentile follower of Christ, I love the Jewish people, and am eager to learn all I can about this chosen people that I've been grafted in to.

    3. There is so much that has been robbed from believers in Yeshua. G-d has enriched my life through learning and obeying the Torah. Plus, some of the traditions - like the dancing - are a joy to me. I love the tactile part of Judaism - such as the candle-lighting on Shabbat, the challah, the tallits and yarmulkes...I could go on. You will be blessed to learn about these things. And even more blessed if you embrace them.

  3. "Yeshua's blood took the place of animal sacrifices. I express my gratitude, not only for that blood, but for the power of ADONAI living inside me. He is the Living Word written on my heart, and I just have to praise Him." That's just beautiful and powerful.

    1. I appreciate your encouragement, my friend.