Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Israel Trip - Israeli Art

While staying at the different hotels on my trip to Israel, I always noticed the art on the walls.  The painting above and the two below really caught my eye.  I think they are depictions from the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, which is one of my favorites.  These three paintings were in the hotel in Jerusalem. I don't know the artist's name.

This painting was also in one of the hotels  I love the scene of a woman as she sits above the street. Is she sad? Or is she praying? (artist unknown)

 I love these mosaics, that hung on the walls of the hotel in  Tel Aviv and Tiberius.

artitst unknown

artist unknown

Can you tell I love mosaics?

Notice the hamsa* in the center of this mosaic. I'll explain it below.

Aren't these pomegranate-themed items beautiful?  And notice the mosaic hamsa* on the top right.  I only wish I could have gone inside this shop.  We didn't have much time to shop on this trip.  Maybe next time, right?

* The hamsa is a popular symbol in Judaism.  The word “hamsa” comes from the Hebrew word “hamesh,” which means five. There are five fingers on the talisman,and some believe it represents the five books of the Torah. Sometimes it is called the Hand of Miriam, after Moses’ sister.  This symbol is used in jewelry, art, and in decorations for the home. 

When I first began visiting Jewish roots churches, I was told that this symbol was occult.  But my rabbi husband assures me that is incorrect.  There are people who believe it gives them good luck, or that it is a protection from the "evil eye".  That belief is indeed occult, because Hashem, Himself, is our only protection from evil. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful Israeli art, and that you will join me next week for the next installment of my Israel trip journal.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey to Israel...and the beautiful Israeli art - and I LOVE mosaics as well! I have taken pictures of things mosaic that I find; but also use mosaics in my craft (scrapbooking)...I said once before that I needed to do a post on mosaics and why I love them(?? Why DO I love them??)...and show some of my work...well, that's another post! I have enjoyed yours!!

    1. Great idea on a post. I'm drawn to mosaics, too. There are so many in Israel - especially in the old, old buildings. Imagine the time and pains-taking work involved to create such beauty. It's a beautiful art.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind and encouraging comments.

  2. Beautiful photos, my daughter also went to Israel and loved it.

    1. It is a life-changing experience.
      Thanks for stopping by today, Jennifer.

  3. I have a beautiful piece of Israeli art in my room - of the Proverbs 31 woman. "Who can find a virtuous woman?" I treasure it.

    1. I would love to see that piece of art, Susan. That is one of my favorite Scriptures.

  4. I love those paintings! Fiddler on the Roof brings back good memories for me, and I loved the story. The mosaics, too, are gorgeous!

    Anastasia Rose

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Anastasia Rose. I've watched that movie so many times, I've lost count.
      Blessings to you today.

  5. The mosaics are beautiful! I love getting a peek at Israel through your eyes.

  6. Love to look and learn about art AnD Israel.