Tuesday, December 23, 2014

8 Days of Chanukah - DAy 8

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Tonight is the eighth day of Chanukah, so we light all eight candles.

I love the beauty of all of the candles blazing
 on all of our menorahs. 

Chanukah comes to an end tonight, but the lessons remain for us.  We remember that just as the tiny amount of oil burned in the Temple for eight days, our light as believers will continue to burn also.  The light is His presence in our lives -- His Holy Spirit.

Yeshua said in John 8:12   “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.”(Complete Jewish Bible)

Each week, when I light the Shabbat candles at the synagogue, I say this prayer:

Blessed are you oh L-rd, our G-d, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us by His commandments;Who has given us the way of salvation in Messiah Yeshua, and commanded us to be lights to the world. Amain.

So, the lesson of Chanukah continues every week.  I am to let my light shine into a dark world.  How do I do this?  By the way I live my life, and by the words I speak. 

Am I obeying His commandments?  Do people see me following Him and His ways, or some worldly, pagan program?

Am I loving my neighbor as myself?  Am I helping my husband, my family, my neighbors, my country?  Or am I selfishly doing my own thing?

Is my light shining by telling people what G-d's Word says?  Or am I hiding my light under a bushel, afraid to say some things are wrong in our society.  What good is truth if it is not shared?  If the light does not shine, the world lives in darkness. 

Is my light shining by leading wayward believers back to G-d's ways?  Or am I content to just let it go and call it tolerance or not being judgmental?

When the great Temple menorah was lit, the light could be seen for miles around.  Imagine it...a huge menorah sitting on the highest hill in Jerusalem.  It must have been a sight to see.  

We are to be lights in the same way.  G-d has set us up high as His royal children...high above the darkness and perversion around us. He has commanded us to shine our light into the lives that are mired in sin.  His ways are light and they are LIFE, and His light drives out the darkness. 

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  1. Hannuka is so beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing, Gail.


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