Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 Days of Chanukah - Day 3

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Tonight is the third night of Chanukah, and so we light the third candle of the menorah. 

Thursday is play day with our grandson, so tonight we lit the candles with him.  He just turned five years old in October, and read the prayers with his Paw-Paw.  We were amazed that he could read words like "universe" by himself. (A big hats off to his parents who are home-schooling him.)

We sang songs as we watched the candles burn low.

I noticed him holding his hand up and then realized he was making the sign of the Hebrew letter "shin", which is the sign Rabbi Jem uses when he gives the blessings at the synagogue.  Here's a double blessing for y'all.

We told him the story of the how "a great miracle happened here". He enjoyed putting together Chanukah puzzles and playing dreidel.  

I'll share more of our Chanukah celebrations in tomorrow's post.  

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