Saturday, December 20, 2014

8 Days of Chanukah - Day 5

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Tonight is the fifth night of Chanukah, so we light the fifth candle.

Last night our synagogue family combined our Shabbat service with our Chanukah party.  First, we held a short service with praise and worship, the Scripture readings and liturgy.  During the blessing of the children, my grandson, Jonathan, was making the sign of the Hebrew letter "shin". He always takes his shoes off, first thing...Naomi, too.  It's because they feel so at home...

After the service, we lit the candles.  Each family brought a menorah, so we had quite a light show. 

My grandson, lighting the menorah with the help of his dad.
The children enjoyed the candle-lighting, from the oldest...
to the youngest

Last night, we went ahead and lit all of the candles, just to see the glorious beauty of all the flaming menorahs.  Believe me, all of those candles really warmed up the room.

After the candle-lighting, we ate latkes and jelly donuts....and lots of other yummy stuff.  I wish I'd taken pictures of the latkes.  We had three different kinds and all were delicious.

Rabbi Jem led the children playing dreidel.  It was quite an exciting game, and everyone went home with lots of gelt (chocolate coins) and other goodies.

Tomorrow, I'll share my favorite Chanukah recipe and another game we played at the party. 

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