Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Little Ones, Dogs & Rocks

I love being around children and am grateful for all the entertainment and JOY they provide. They are the best entertainment in the world and it's all FREE!  Our grandson delights us every time we see him or talk to him on the phone.  He's quite the jokester and loves to play tricks on us, like hiding.  He's easy to find, though, because he can't stop laughing.  When he comes over, it's Play Day with Jon-a-FUN!

We're still painting rocks for  Brevard Rocks each week, and here he is with his latest creation:

I've been busy painting a family of lady bugs for the Golden Cottage back porch:

I love watching and listening to the children at our synagogue.  Here they are under the tallit for the weekly children's blessing.

The little one in the pink shawl is hilarious.  Each week, she comes in and shows me her outfit, parading and turning just like a model.  Last week, we were getting ready to leave after the service and she said, "You can't go home, Miss Gail! Play the dreidel song." (It's her favorite.) She's pretty strong-minded for a three-year-old, but I'm sure you have to be with three older brothers!

Last week, we sang a song with a video called, "As the Deer Panteth For the Water", and one of the little boys said, "That deer better watch out for the alligators!"  I said, "No, don't worry, honey, the deer is in Israel, not Florida."  He said, "What's Florida?"   He also let us know last week that he wanted to blow the shofar, which we do each week to start the service.  Here he is, and if you've ever tried to blow a shofar, you will know this is amazing for a four-year-old.

Dogs are another source of great free entertainment.  Ours is a dachshund/Jack Russel terrier mix which is quite a combination.  Even though she's got little short legs, she can jump three feet off the ground.  She bounces like Tigger!  Here she is, ready for her bike ride, with her Minnie Pearl hat on.  (Oh, yes, that's another gratitude -- I got a new three-wheel bike with a big seat and a big basket.)

Zoe is blind, but she can run like Rin Tin Tin, and her middle name is Go.  She rides in our grandson's car seat when we take her for car rides.

Zoe is quite the actress.  Lately, she has learned to moan and groan to tell you she wants something.  She cracks me up with her drama because when we first rescued her, she didn't even bark for a couple of months.  Years ago a friend told me dogs can talk and I thought that was so funny.  Now I believe it whole-heartedly.

All of our tadpoles have gone to Golden Pond.  One morning last week I was sitting on the porch and saw this:

One of the last two tadpoles had grown his front legs overnight and escaped through the hole in the top of the aquarium.  They were both relocated to Golden Pond immediately.  So, now they're all gone...and I'm grateful.  One of them came on the porch for a visit the other day:

Jem was getting ready to feed the tadpoles, and this little guy was sitting on top of the food container staring at his long lost buddies in the aquarium.  Jem took him outside to the potting table and snapped this photo.  He (and all the others) are not frogs, but tree toads.  I'm grateful they're all gone now because if one of them got on me, I'd have a hissy fit for sure.  You can read more about the tadpoles HERE.

What are you grateful for this week, Gail-Friends?

Thankful Thursday is my day of the week to focus on and be thankful for all the good things in my life.

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