Friday, June 9, 2017

Sabbath Music - Balm in Gilead

Shalom, Gail-Friends, and I pray you are preparing for His Sabbath.  At sundown, His set-apart day begins and He's waiting for you.  To refresh you and renew your strength.  To give you joy.  To give you rest.  Be still and receive His gifts.

This song has been on my heart since yesterday when I received some sad news.  The song Balm in Gilead is based on Jeremiah 8:22

"Has Gil‘ad exhausted its healing resin?
Is no physician there?"

When my soul is greived, when my heart hurts, I receive that healing balm, which is faith in Him and obedience to His Word.  There is nothing that heals me like being alone with Him, reading His Word, and listening to His tender, loving voice.  The Sabbath is His day, specially set up for you to meet with Him.  It's a day He has blessed and He will bless you for obeying His command to observe it.

After you listen to the song, I pray you will read, as I did today, the entire chapter of Jeremiah 8. It breaks my heart when I think of how G-d and His Word are neglected today, just as in that prophet's day.  He cried over it, Yeshua (G-d in the flesh) cried over it, and I cry over those who reject Him.  

Gail-Friends, please get on your knees, seek HIS TRUTH and follow HIM.  Obey HIM - not a religion, denomination, preacher, teacher or self-help book.  You will find that healing balm. You will find peace for your soul.  


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  1. I'm studying in Jeremiah right now, but just beginning so I"ve not yet reached this treasure in chapter 8. Looking forward to checking that out TODAY!