Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thankful Thursday - The Best Husband in the Whole, Wide World


So much to be thankful for this week. . . His blessings are abundant.  Most of all, I'm thankful for my sweet husband, whose birthday is today.  How could I not be happy with a husband who:

gets up early to have morning tea ready for his groggy, foggy wife,

greets me every morning with, "Good Morning, Gorgeous!"

tells me how much he loves me many, many times a day,

prays with me and for me,

alway, always tells me, "That was a delicious meal!"  This no matter if it was a can of soup.I'll say, "All I did was open the can."  To which he replies, "But you do it so well!"

washes the dishes after the meal. I always hug him and say, "I love a man with dishpan hands."  He likes that.

built a beautiful pond and garden for me to enjoy during my morning quiet time,

keeps the Golden Cottage landscape and garden looking like a magazine,

loves and tenderly cares for our pets and any strays that come by the Golden Cottage,

loves me, protects me, counsels me, and always has my best interest at heart,

is always kind, caring, humble, generous, and always thinks the best of me,

makes me laugh every day.

These are just a few of the things he does for me.

He's first and foremost, a family man who:  

loves my children as if they were his own.

places family time and get-togethers as a priority.

goes out of his way to help our daughters and their spouses even if it inconveniences him.  I'll never forget the time he had the flu but went out in the freezing rain to feed their dogs. . . because he said he would.  Or when our daughter said, "Come, I need your help,"  he dropped everything and drove two and a half hours to meet that need.

is the best grandfather in the whole, wide world.

As a rabbi, he:

is a mensch, a Yiddish term, meaning a fine, upstanding man,

lives what he teaches,

is honest,

has pure integrity and a stellar character,

has a pure heart,

turns his eyes away from evil, including scantily clad women on the TV, or in public. I admire that so much.

makes us laugh.

is completely committed to his calling as a teacher of Torah, and to leading his congregation in observance of G-d's commandments.  In all of his years of our ministry, he has never missed a service due to sickness.  He's been sick.  He's been in pain.  He's never given in to it.

preaches with his life.  You won't find him pounding the Bible over people's heads.  He lives the Bible in his everyday life, always with a desire to point others to G-d,

is always looking around him to see if someone needs help.  His name should be Jem Good Deeds Golden.  If he's running late, he'll still stop to help someone in need.  (He very rarely runs late.  If he does, it's usually because of me.)

is a people person who relates to the young as well as the old,

is disciplined in all areas of his life and ministry.

Jem is a military veteran who served in both the Navy and the Army.  He did two tours in Viet Nam and received many medals, including the Purple Heart.  He is my hero.

 He is a passionate patriot who loves his country.  No matter how dark things look on the "propaganda show" (aka the network news), he chuckles and tells me not to worry.  He believes in America, and in the American spirit that he assures me is alive and well.   He inspires patriotism in all who know him.

He works to support men and women who love America and will do whatever he cn to keep America from going down the tubes.  He is not afraid to talk about politics in his teaching at the synagogue and refuses to be politically correct.  I love and admire him for his firm stand on the things that are vital, to keeping America great.

Is he perfect?  Pretty close, but when he does something I don't like, I always ask myself, "How important is it?"  Usually, I can just let it go.  But if it's important, he always listens to my side and is open to making a change if needed.  Just one more thing I love about him.

I am so thankful for him.  I often ask him, "How did I get so blessed to be your wife?" He always replies, "You said, 'yes.'"  I'm so glad I did.

Here's another post I wrote about the love of my life:  Listening To My Husband

What are you thankful for about your husband?


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  1. What am I thankful for about my husband? Like you - so many things. I could fill a book. Most of all, he wholeheartedly loves the Lord Jesus - and he wholeheartedly loves me. He isn't afraid to demonstrate that love to either one of us. I'm always telling him he's pretty close to perfect. When he denies it, I always say, "Well, you're perfect for me." I'm so thankful the Lord directed our paths to meet exactly when we needed each other. He deserves all the praise and glory!

    1. That's so grest, Julie. Being happily married is a blessing, and I'm so glad you found your soul mate. Yes, G-d is good and He deserves the praise and glory.

      So glad you stopped by Gail-Friends today.