Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday- Beauty Left Behind

After Hurricane Irma, this mangrove washed ashore here on the Space Coast.  Looks pretty ugly, right?   But look closely at what was left behind. . .

And here's another photo, taken at sunrise.

Isn't G-od's creation awesome?  There's beauty all around if we just look for it, even after a terrible storm.  I'm thankful for local photographers who looked for the good and share it on a local Facebook page.

I'm thankful for a dog who prays:

Well, not really.  She's actually scratching her nose.  Sometimes, she also washes her face by licking her paws and then washing just like a cat.  I've tried to get a video of it, but haven't been fast enough.  I really think she was raised by a cat.  It's really funny to watch.

We had a great time at the synagogue for Erev Shabbat and our Sukkot celebration.  Lots of singing, dancing, and waving of the lulav.  Hopefully, I'll have some pics next week.  Synagogue members have been sending me photos of their sukkahs,  and it's fun to see how each one is different.

Tomorrow night is Simchat Torah - all night Bible study and celebration of the beginning of the yearly Torah cycle.

I'll have lots of good stuff to share next week, so stop by and sit a spell.  Lots more excitement happening in the week ahead.

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