Friday, August 21, 2015

Sabbath Music - Full Surrender

That sacred time of stillness is upon us.  He calls us to come aside, rest and turn our hearts toward Him.  Sometimes it is hard.  We are busy.  We have many reasons to keep going at full speed.  But when we surrender and obey His command, we find the JOY of obedience.

This poem spoke to my heart today during my devotions.  It's from Streams in the Desert, and I understand every portion.  G-d calls us to full surrender many times as we walk this road of life.  Each level of surrender teaches us more about Him, if we are willing.

Fearing to launch on "full surrender's" tide,
I asked the L-rd where would its waters glide
My little bark, "To troubled seas I dread?"
"Unto Myself," He said.

Weeping beside an open grave I stood,
In bitterness of soul I cried to G-d:
"Where leads this path of sorrow that I tread?"
"Unto Myself," He said.

Striving for souls, I loved the work too well;
Then disappointments came; I could not tell
The reason, till He said, "I am thine all;
Unto Myself I call."

Watching my heroes--those I loved the best--
I saw them fail; they could not stand the test,
Even by this the L-rd, through tears not few,
Unto Himself me drew.

Unto Himself! No earthly tongue can tell
The bliss I find, since in His heart I dwell;
The things that charmed me once seem all as naught;
Unto Himself I'm brought.


Shabbat shalom, Gail-Friends, and  I hope you are blessed by this music today.  This is one of the songs we sing on Shabbat. 

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  1. I found myself reading this poem in a slow, deliberate fashion as if I was taking in the very breath I breathe. Such rich words that spoke to my heart; especially in a potentially life changing decision my husband and I may have to make.

    Thank you for sharing. The Lord used your post in a mighty way today.

  2. Karen - it is wonderful how our Heavenly Father uses many and varied ways to speak to us. I pray for you and your husband to have clear direction about your decision.
    Shalom to you both,

  3. AH! And here's my Celtic Daily Prayer that is foundational to what I'm writing of late: Let nothing disturb thee. Nothing afright thee. All things are passing. G-d never changes. Patient endurance attains to all things. Whom G-d possesses in nothing is wanting. Alone G-D suffices.
    Seems to be my life theme . . .


  4. Kathryn - Surrender is the lifetime theme for all who follow Yeshua the Messiah. Thank you for the prayer. It's new to me and I like it very much.


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