Friday, June 22, 2018

Sabbath Music - This Old House

Shabbat is coming, Gail-Friends.  I'm getting ready, and part of that is to think about the music for this blog post.  This week, this an old song has been running through my head.  It's a song from my childhood and when I looked for it on You-Tube, I found an interesting video about how the song was written by Stuart Hamblin.

This Old House  became popular in 1954 and was a big hit in seven countries.  It's a real toe-tapper with a catchy rhythm and is the version I remember.  Many times, Daddy sang along with his deep bass voice as we listened to it on the car radio.

This next version of This Old House tells the story of how the song was written and I think you'll find it interesting.  After the writer tells the story, he sings the song the way he intended it to be performed.

The spiritual message of This Old House is something to pause and reflect on this Shabbat.

Have a blessed and restful one, Gail-Friends.

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