Friday, June 1, 2018

Sabbath Music - Beulah Land

Image from Garden of Bright Images, used by permission.

I've been kind of reflective and weepy this week.  I visited some relatives I haven't seen in a long, long time and went by to put some flowers on Mama and Daddy's grave.  After we left the cemetary, I heard this song on the radio:  Beulah Land by Squire Parsons

That song always makes me cry.  I don't mean a tear or two.  I mean sobbing and crying.  The song reminds me of how much I long for Heaven.  It's always touched me, but I guess even more so now that I'm getting older.  Seems like every day I hear of someone my age who's passed away.

I'm longing to see Heaven and my Savior, Yeshua, and am ever more eager for the day my faith becomes sight as the song says.   And, I have the blessed hope of seeing my loved ones again.

This is a good song for Shabbat.  I hope you'll join me in listening and reflecting on Heaven.  Also, let's reflect on those who don't have the hope of seeing Beulah Land, and pray for them to surrender to ADONAI and obey His Word. I yearn for the lost to know the love, joy, peace and blessings of knowing my Heavenly Father.  He will use us to lead them to the Truth if we are willing.

Shabbat shalom.

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