Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Protection & Creativity

This week, I'm praising Adonai for protecting us from a fire last Sunday.

Jem and I sat in the living room during a thunderstorm with lots of thunder and lightning.  We heard a strange low sound like thunder . . . but not exactly . . . looked at each other and asked, "Did you hear that?"  The sound was more like a loud sizzle.

Then, we saw smoke and smelled an electrical, burning odor.  Jem turned on the lights in each room and searched to see where the odor was coming from.  The air conditioner was running, so we didn't think that was the problem, but when we opened the a/c closet, the smell was stronger.  About that time, the a/c popped twice . . . like a firecracker.  Jem turned off the a/c switch immediately.

That night, we slept with the fans blowing on us and, once more,  gained a new appreciation for air conditioning.   I say once more because we've been through many hurricanes and have experienced this more times than I can talk about.

We called Mr. Brown, our a/c guy, and he came out right away.  This was on Father's Day morning, and we were blessed to have him come on such a special day.  Mr. Brown has helped us before, at home and at the synagogue, so we really appreciated his help once again.

When he opened the a/c up, he discovered a fried relay switch.  It was black.  It was toast as the saying goes.  But, praise be to Hashem, Mr. Brown had a relay switch/box in his truck and had us cooling off very quickly.

We talked about how blessed were to have been at home when this happened, that it didn't start a fire, and that we have a great a/c guy who was willing to come out on  Father's Day.  He's a believer and we had a great time just thanking and praising God for His goodness.


I'm praising and thanking Hashem for my beautiful night-blooming cereus.  We had eighteen blooms last night, and there are more to come.

I'm always so amazed by these flowers that bloom for one night and then die.  I used to think the plant, a cactus, was so ugly, but one night I saw the blooms and I understood why people kept them in their yards. I learned a spiritual lesson from this amazing plant, too, and wrote about in my new book, Golden Moments. You can get information about the book at the top right of my blog.

Here are a few more photos:

I think they look like fireworks or sparklers.  The brownish, hairy things are getting ready to bloom within a day or so, and the pink things hanging down are flowers that have already bloomed.

Just look at the beauty inside the bloom.  Think about the creativity of Hashem to make something so unique and gorgeous. Every year, I stand in awe of these fantastic flowers.

Jem and I work as a team to take these photos.  He holds the flashlight while I use the camera.  Last year, we had to also hold an umbrella in the pouring rain.  Before I go outside,  I have to soak myself in bug repellant.  That doesn't stop the bugs from dive-bombing my head, though.  It's a challenge, but so worth it to see and capture this beauty!

A cardinal couple has been visiting the feeders with their young one.  I think the baby is a male because all of his feathers are starting to turn bright red.  I love watching the parents feed their young.

Daddy and Mommy are both very good parents.  I was excited to catch that photo of him feeding baby.  (That's why it's a bit blurry!)

Can you think of a good caption for this photo?  I think Mommy is saying, "Where's Junior?"

With all the rain we've had lately, Golden Garden is thriving.  I'm loving all the bright blooms and  I'm so thankful for Rabbi Jem who keeps everything looking great.  (I'm not a gardener . . . I'm the idea part of our team.)

I hope your week has been good, Gail-Friends, and that you are counting your blessings.  What are you thankful for this week?

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