Friday, October 5, 2018

Sabbath Music - Simchat Torah Songs

Oh, so TRUE!  This is Simchat Torah celebration week. Tonight, in combination with our weekly Erev Shabbat service, we'll be singing, dancing with the Torah, worshipping, (eating, of course) and studying Torah all night long.

This week, I'm sharing some YouTube videos of some Simchat Torah celebrations. You can see some of our synagogue's past celebrations by clicking on this LINK.

Parading and dancing with the Torah reminds us that we have the responsibility and JOY of taking the Torah to those who don't know it.  I love these videos because they show the happiness and JOY of those who love His Torah:

Dancing with the Torah 
Oh, by the way, dancing with the Torah is NOT easy because it is HEAVY!  I have a hard time picking ours up.

Simchat Torah by MiYAH 

This one is in Jerusalem  - just look at all of those Torah scrolls.
Simchat Torah at the Wailing Wall 

Do you find JOY in His Torah?  I do and am blessed to have learned to obey it.

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