Friday, January 11, 2019

Sabbath Music - A Sweet Medley of Songs

graphic from MiYah Music used by permission

Greetings and shabbat shalom, Gail-Friends. Today, I have a special treat for you.

Click on this link to hear my daughter, Amanda Wilson, sing a medley of songs that will bless your socks off.  So perfect for a worship-full Shabbat.  Enjoy!  Amanda Wilson Music

The first song on the video is one I sang to both of my daughters when they were growing up  The song is You Are My Sunshine and is from the 1950's.  I still love that song so much.

Our home was filled with music when my girls were growing up, and we used to sing in the car every time we went somewhere.  Both of my daughters have beautiful voices and were in music classes and groups at church and school for all of their school years.

Melissa, my oldest daughter, while not a lover of being the center of attention on a stage, also enjoyed singing and did a beautiful rendition of I'm Proud To Be An American in one of her  high school choral performances.  She didn't tell me anything about it, and I almost missed her singing.  She said she didn't tell me because she figured I would contact the local TV news to come out to film it.  She knows me for sure!!  I've always been, and still am, proud of her.

Amanda, on the other hand, has always been looking for a stage.  She was born with a song in her heart. and  could sing Jesus Loves Me when she was just six months old.  She couldn't say the words, but she had the tune down pat.
Amanda has recorded two cd's and is working on another.

I would LOVE to have my girls do a cd together.  It would be so beautiful, I know, because Melissa is an alto and Amanda is a soprano.  Maybe they will surprise me and give me a duo recording for Mother's Day.  I would treasure it!  And I would, of course, share it with you, dear Gail-Friends.

Have a blessed week!

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