Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday - People Who Make Me Laugh

I'm so thankful for people with a good sense of humor.  My daughter and son-in-love are just such people.  On our recent trip to the Smoky Mountain, we bought them these sleep shorts.  His says, "Wanna Moose Around?"  Her shorts say, "Don't Moose With Me."  Amanda's face says it all.  It cracks me up every time I look at this picture.  I asked them if they'd mind me sharing it, and they said, "Sure!"  We also got their son a pair of house slippers with little moose on them, but I forgot to take a picture. (Sad Face...)

Amanda has made me laugh every since she was born with her antics.  Example: "Mama, can black-eye peas see me?"  


They were over for a visit last week, and Jona-FUN made us laugh . . . as always.  He comes up with some of the most profound statements.  They're more like lectures, really, that begin with, "Did you know . . ."  or  "Actually...".and usually involve something to do with science, technology, engineering, or math.  Here's an example:

Him:  "GiGi, did you know that the square root of (I can't remember the number) is . . . "  followed by a lecture about math.
Me:  "Wow . . ." (All of this is way over my head, so I just nod because I can't think of anything else to say.) 

Amanda said it's not a bit funny when he wakes her up at 5:30 AM to explain all of this because he's just so excited.  She's excited, too, but would appreciate it more if he told her after coffee..

His father, William, told us that morning epiphanies are common with Jona-FUN.  Recently, he was awakened at 6:00 AM with Jona-FUN's request to explain the fourth dimension.  William is fully competent to explain it, but told his son it was a bit too early and he had to have coffee first.

Having a good sense of humor is priceless when living with a brainiac.  G-d surely gave him the best parents in the world.  They're doing a great job of homeschooling him.

And this memory always makes me laugh:

Me: "Jona-FUN, what makes you happy?"
Him:  (After a long period of thought.) "Conveyor belts."
Me:  "Why is that?"
Him:  "Just the way they work, moving one object to another place, makes me happy."

He loves to play chess with his pawpaw (Rabbi Jem) and beats him on a regular basis.  Jem gave him this book (Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess) and button and I don't think he'd have been more excited if he'd gotten a new Nerf gun.

When they play,  Jem spends time teaching him about chess moves, and showing him how to beat his opponent.  Jona-FUN listens, and then quickly beats Jem with a whole different move. I always laugh about it.  Jem not so much, and that makes me laugh, too.

My sweet husband makes me laugh every day of my life.  I've never known anybody who sits around thinking up jokes.  That's what he does, along with silly songs and funny stories.  People at the synagogue ask me if he's always so hilarious and fun-loving.  I tell them, "This is his serious time!"

Both Rabbi Jem and William love Monty Python type humor.  In example, they play a game where they choose an object and then ad-lib funny stuff like pretending a banana is a telephone.  Then the next person has to make the banana something different.  When they get together, they are always cutting up, making jokes, and playing off  each other.  Jona-FUN is following in their footsteps with the same sense of humor because he always joins in the jocularity. 

What are you thankful for this week, Gail-Friends?

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