Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Can You Hear the People Sing?


Personally, I don't care for Trump's brash personality, but I whole-heartedly approve of what he's done for my country. 

I ran across this video/song that I think is really appropriate for this time in history.  It's called Trump's Anthem or  Deplorables Unite to the tune of Can You Hear the People Sing from the Broadway play, Les Miserables, and has the lyrics on the screen.  I hope it touches and stirs you in the way it did me.  I have chills every time I watch and listen to it.

Maybe you, like me, are tired of the same-old, same-old in D.C.  I believe Trump was born for such a time as this -- to return our country to our roots.  The previous administration ran on "change", and they changed many values, morals, and principles that I hold dear.  I'm praying for those things to be corrected.  If you are like-minded with me, now is the time to stand and defend your country.  Vote to change it back to the greatness we experienced in the past.  I'm still proud to be an American and will do whatever I can to preserve and keep her.  Right now what I can do is vote for Donald J. Trump and I already did that.  I plan to detail more we can do in another post this week.

I found the following article on FB and think it's quite appropriate for what we're experiencing right now:

I still love my Democrat friends and family but...you see it your way... I'll see it my way!

You see Trump’s arrogance, I see Trump’s confidence.

You see Trump’s nationalism, I see Trump’s patriotism.

You hear Trump’s unsophisticated words, I hear Trump’s honesty.

You see Trump’s racism, I see Trump’s words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their narrative.

You see Trump as a Republican, I see Trump as a Patriot.

You see Trump as a dictator, I see Trump as a leader.

You see Trump as an Authoritarian, I see Trump as the only one willing to fight for our freedoms.

You see Trump as childish, I see Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave in to the lies.

You see Trump as an unpolished politician, I see Trump as a breath of fresh air.

You think Trump hates immigrants, I know Trump is married to an immigrant.

 You see Trump putting an end to immigration in America, I see Trump welcoming immigrants to America LEGALLY.

You see Trump’s cages at the border, I see Obama’s cages at the border.

You see Trump with a struggling economy, I see Trump with an amazing economy until the Democrats shut it down.

You see the violence in the streets and call it “Trump’s America”, I see the violence in the streets of Democratic run cities who are refusing Trump’s help and call it “Liberal America.”

 You want someone more Presidential, I’m happy we have someone who finally doesn’t just talk the talk but actually walks the walk.

You and I? We see things very differently.

(feel free to share this with a Democrat, or any undecided voter. (copied and pasted from Facebook - source unknown)



  1. Excellent. I so agree! I love how Trump fights back, unlike Bush, who just rolled over and took all the jabs. I'm not n Fake book, so didn't see this. Thanks for sharing it here!

  2. Janine - Bush is a member of the globalist elite who have pushed the one world government agenda. Please read my post Be Like Esther on 10/31/2020.

  3. I vote according to what God's Holy Truth says. And when issues violate life, religious freedom, cramming porno into kindergarten thru 12th grade as part of a sex ed as a parent I will teach my children what I desire them to know at each age group not the public school sex ed. I believe all lives matter, I believe police matter and should not be defunded. We are individually accountable to God and we need to pray, seek His face and remember He is the Center of our lives for His Glory God is in control and we each need to be Ready and pray others will be ready when God calls His Bride Home.....

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I agree with you whole-heartedly.

  4. God is still on the throne. God. His ways are holy, just and sovereign. He knows all.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Absolutely. His ways are best. He gives and takes away. Blessed be His Name forever.


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