Tuesday, October 30, 2012

40 Days to Save America – Day 33

For 40 Days (September 28 - November 6), I will be posting prayers for our country.  These prayers are from the prayer initiative 40 Days to Save America.  
                                        I pray you will join me in this prayer effort.  
You may sign up to have these prayers mailed directly to you at this link:

Day 33
Father, we ask for Your help in reclaiming our culture from the strongholds of the enemy, praying for You to strengthen, broaden and deepen the influence of believers on the culture.

We admit to often being discouraged at a growingly irreverent culture that flagrantly abuses Your Holy Name, mocks the Cross, and easily buys into the lies that defy Your natural order. Protect our culture, L-rd, from all attempts to belittle and make fun of Your Gospel and Your people.

We ask You, L-rd, to open greater and greater opportunities for Your Gospel to flow freely across our airwaves. We ask, L-rd, for You to grant Americans the wisdom to discern truth from deception.
We pray for those in the entertainment industry that they may better serve the families of our country by creating programs and movies that are uplifting in nature and extol positive virtues. We especially pray Your blessings upon those in media, entertainment, the arts and journalism who are driven by loyalty to You. We ask for favor and acceptance for their work.

We pray for those who would intend to bring our country down by bringing our culture down. We ask You to foil the plans of those who would bring others down in any form. We ask for Your transforming power in the lives of those who would divide, deceive and destroy.

We pray for Your protection from pornography and the indecency that plagues our communities, harms our families and undermines morality. We pray for an end to the surge of pornography. We ask You to loosen the chains that bind the hearts of so many men, women and young people. We ask You to replace unG-dly desires with a true desire for righteousness and purity. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.
Prayer for Leaders
"The king's heart is in the hand of the L-rd; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases."  Proverbs 21:1

L-rd G-d, we ask for Your blessing on the lives of these leaders in our nation:
President Barack Obama
U.S. Representative Paul Ryan
Vice President Joe Biden
U.S. Representative Tim Ryan
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
U.S. Representative Gregorio Sablan
Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez
Chief Justice John Roberts
U.S. Representative Linda T. Sanchez
Justice Samuel Alito
U.S. Representative John P. Sarbanes
Justice Anthony Kennedy
U.S. Representative Steve Scalise
Justice Elena Kagan
U.S. Representative Janice D. Schakowsky
Justice Sonia Sotomayor
U.S. Representative Adam B. Schiff
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
U.S. Representative Robert T. Schilling
Justice Stephen Breyer
U.S. Representative Jean Schmidt
Justice Antonin Scalia
U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders
Justice Clarence Thomas
U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions

We ask that You turn their hearts towards You, L-rd. We ask that You soften their hearts, L-rd, to recognize and receive truth. L-rd, we ask that You grant them the understanding and knowledge that come from the fear of You. We ask that You grant them wisdom and discernment, L-rd, and that You make them bold to do what is right in Your sight. L-rd, we ask that You direct their hearts to do Your will. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

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