Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wisdom Wednesdays - Of Lions and Babies


I heard last week that thousands are protesting around the world about Cecil the lion being killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist.  Lots of news coverage about that.

There were  thousands who protested against Planned Parenthood last week, too, but there was little, if any,  news coverage of those protests.  

Doesn't this speak volumes about our country? 

The Roman society cared more for LIONS than human lives....and that society fell. Our society is on the edge of the precipice, too.

This quote on Twitter struck my heart:  "They covered child sacrifices with noise of loud flutes and drums so the cries of the wailing could not reach the ears of the people." -- Plutarch (AD 46 - 120)

I read this quote just after learning that our House of Representatives voted against de-funding Planned Parenthood.   They refused to hear the wailing of the sacrificed children.  The blood of those children is on their hands.  G-d will hold them accountable.  He will exact judgement. 

It doesn't matter whether society agrees with G-d's views on child murder.  It doesn't matter that the major news outlets won't cover the truth about these murders or that thousands are protesting against Planned Parenthood.  What matters is that we, who believe in and follow G-d's ways, stand on the truth.  It is our duty to speak the truth and to stand on the side of life.

Our society is doomed, like the Romans were, if we do not turn back to G-d and follow His ways.  But knowing that does not excuse us from praying and putting feet to our prayers.  

You can watch the Planned Parenthood videos on You-Tube by searching for "Planned Parenthood Exposed."  Let's not just turn away from these gruesome videos.  Let's share them and talk about them, and continue to speak out.   

I've provided a list of action items that you can share with others in my recent post,"What Can I Do ?"Even though the bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood was defeated, we must continue to contact our representatives and let them know we want them to investigate and take action on this issue.  

And let's not forget to pray for the women who've been lied to and taken advantage of by this horrible practice.  Can you imagine the pain of finding out that your little baby wasn't just a clump of tissue, but a fully-formed baby that was ripped apart and then sold?  I pray for them to turn to G-d and ask His forgiveness.  I pray for them to turn to His ways and, thereby, find His peace.


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  1. HI there,
    I am following you from Raising Homemakers. Yes we have to start following God's Word for sure.

  2. I read your quote on FB and was stunned: "The Roman society cared more for LIONS than human lives....and that society fell." How shockingly true. I am so pained as I watch such ignorance and evil march in our streets and across our screens. All the more reason to shine His light in every facet of our lives. Thank you for your insights here.
    Joy in knowing He is in control . . .

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Kathryn. It's hard to write posts like this, but like the prophets of the Bible, I feel compelled to write on the issues of our day. My word for the year is "LISTEN", and each week I pray about what to write. I've written some serious posts over the last month or so, and I pray to bring light to the subjects I've covered. Unlike you, there are some who have never heard these views.
      Blessings to you and your family,