Friday, March 22, 2019

Sabbath Music - Birds of Spring

So    Spring Has Sprung!!!  It happened Wednesday according to the calendar.  But here at Golden Cottage, you'd think it was Fall.  Why? Because  at our house, the leaves fall in the Spring.  Our gardener, Rabbi Jem, raked up a load of them today.  He also stirred up pollen and we've both been sneezing our heads off.  

The painted buntings are still here and we've had four males at  time at the feeders, plus the little green females.  I love watching them. 

 We also have the fuzzy-tailed rats, aka squirrels, who think they are birds:

That's him, diving head-first into the bird-feeder.

He just hangs by his feet and dives right in there.   And see that green, chewed-up lid on the other feeder?  He and his cohorts did that.  

He knows he's caught!  See that guilty look?


I've tried to enjoy them. I've tried to love them, but it's no use.  They dig out the seed they don't want, sling it all over when they jump off the poles, and chew up the feeders.  But I did have a Golden Moment about them.  I'll share that another day.

Did you have a happy Purim?  Did you have hamentaschen?  This year, I bought these from BJs.  I have to admit they are better than the ones I make.  My wrist is still healing, so I decided not to make cookies.  I sure missed doing that tradition with our grandson.   (Click HERE to see our past Purim celebrations and learn more about the holiday.)

The birds have been singing up a storm around Golden Cottage -- especially the mockingbirds.  Their songs are so sweet.  I leave the doors open so I can hear them in the morning.  Then as the day warms up and I have to turn on the air, I put on YouTube and listen to music like this:  Birds of Spring by Tim Janis.  Can there be anything more soothing for the Sabbath?  The video has dozens of different types of birds.  I'm always amazed by the variety our Creator has made.

Watch, listen, praise Him along with me and the birds,  and enjoy your time with The Good Shepherd.

May your Sabbath rest be sweet,  Gail-Friends!




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