Friday, March 29, 2019

Sabbath Music - In His Time

Greetings and Shabbat Shalom, Gail-Friends! This morning in my devotions, I read this poem:

 Yes, leave it with Him,
The lilies all do,
And they grow--
They grow in the rain,
And they grow in the dew--
Yes, they grow:
They grow in the darkness, all hid in the night--
They grow in the sunshine, revealed by the light--
Still they grow.
Yes, leave it with Him
'Tis more dear to His heart,
You will know,
Than the lilies that bloom,
Or the flowers that start
'Neath the snow:
Whatever you need, if you seek it in prayer,
You can leave it with Him--for you are His care.

You, you know.

The poem is based on this verse:

 Consider the lilies, how they grow (Matt. 6:28)

We can't make lilies grow, no matter how much we fertilize them, water them, or tend them.  It's the same with every problem we encounter.  We can pray, do what we have the power to do, and then leave it to His care.  We cannot control outcomes.  That is God's work.  Leave your burden in His loving, capable hands.

This is good to remember if you are carrying a burden today, Gail-Friends.  Remember, He cares for the lilies and He cares for you.  He will take care of it - in His way and in His time. 

That seems a bit simplistic for a find-a-way, make-a-way woman like me, but I've learned this lesson.  Have you?

The beauty-full, rest-full, worship-full song I've chosen for you today is In His Time by the Maranatha Singers.  The lyrics are provided so that you can sing along.  The video has some gorgeous photos of God's creation just in case you can't get out and enjoy nature in person. 

I hope you have a wonder-full Sabbath.


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