Friday, March 15, 2019

Sabbath Music - Gadol Elohi

Gadol Elohi is Hebrew for "Our God is Great" and this song is a wonder-full meditation for your Sabbath.  You may recognize this as the popular song, How Great Is Our God.  The song alternates between Hebrew and English, with English words so you understand what's being said.   Gadol Elohi by Joshua Aaron. 

I hope you will meditate on all the ways Adonai is great in your life.  Why not make a list in your journal?

Here are a few of mine:

He keeps the sun shining in the sky.  Just the perfect distance away from our planet for our existence here on Earth.  With every sunrise, I'm reminded of His greatness and His glory.

He tells the birds when to migrate to warmer weather in winter and then go back to their homes when the weather warms up.  The painted buntings have been here at Golden Cottage since late October.  They'll be headed back to their northern homes soon and I'll miss them.  I love having these colorful snowbirds visit.

He tells the seas where to stop on the sand.  What a marvel.  We're so blessed to live near the ocean.  It's a perfect place to see His greatness and majesty.

Yes, our God is great!  I praise Him with my whole heart and give him glory!

Have a wonderful Sabbath, Gail-Friends, and I'd love to know how God shows His greatness to you.

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