Friday, August 2, 2019

Sabbath Music - He's Been Faithful to Me

Today's song for your Sabbath is He's Been Faithful to Me, sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.   Listen to the words carefully.  This song always makes me cry. as I remember all the times God has been faithful to me.  I have many of them recorded in my prayer journal.  I write them down because when troubles come along, it's easy to forget all the things He's done.

This is a good thing to do on Shabbat - make a list of all the things God has done for you.  A good start is:

He covered me in my mother's womb
He gave me LIFE!!
I can see
I can walk
I can talk
I can hear
I have strength
Food on the table
A roof over my head

You get the idea, right?

It's a good practice to list at least three things you're thankful every day.  Those things are part of His faithfulness to us.  Everything comes by His loving hand.

Have a blessed and peace-full Sabbath.


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