Friday, August 2, 2019

Thankful Thursday - Real Men

This week, I'm thankful for real men, and my husband is one of them.  He's tough as nails when it comes to truth and doing the right thing.  And yet, he is the most gentlemanly man I've ever known.  In my eyes, he is a model of what a real man should be - especially when it comes to the Word of God. 

I read an article that prompted this post, and I think it should be read and shared far and wide.  If you wonder why our society is going down the proverbial drain, this article makes some excellent points.  It's a long piece, but well worth the time: What the World Needs Now is Christianity With A Pair.

Our president is a real man and I'm thankful for the stand he's taking in making our country great again.  I watched his rally in Ohio last night, and as always, my patriotism is renewed.  You can watch it on YouTube. 

Like the article says, we need real men with courage and integrity who are willing to stand up and fight for what's right.  We need women like that, too.  I admire Elizabeth Johnston - The Activist Mommy who takes on the issues of the day and won't back down.  You can find her on Facebook (when she's not being banned), Twitter, and on her website.

If you know a real man, be thankful . . . and tell him how much you admire him.

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