Wednesday, December 30, 2020

In His Presence


Sunrises and sunsets overwhelm me with the glory of Adonai.  My heart overflows with love and worship.  How can any person not believe in Him when all creation declares His presence ?

I've lost two loved ones in the past two weeks -- my dear friend and sister, Linda, and my sweet Uncle Cecil who passed away on Sunday.  I miss them both so much.  Yes, I know I have the blessed hope of seeing them again one day, but I still feel such an emptiness in my heart.  Praising God always helps me get through times like these.  

My dear uncle was the only remaining sibling on my father's side of the family.  He was so much like Daddy -- it was almost like being with him again.  I treasure the phone conversations and visits we had over the last few years. Please pray for his family, and me, as we go through this dark valley, holding tight to the Good Shepherd's loving hand.

I'm continuing my series of music to praise Adonai, to do battle in the spirit -- and to lift the heaviness I feel.  I pray this song will bless you as it does me.  In Your Presence by Paul Wilbur with lyrics

I've shared this song before, but it perfectly describes the joys of His presence.  I pray you will be still, look around you at the beauty of His creations -- the skies, birds, flowers -- and praise Him.  Your heart will lift, and you will find sweet rest in His presence.



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