Thursday, December 31, 2020

Till The Storm Passes By


I keep hearing this song in my head.  I remember going through a big storm years ago, sitting in my rocking chair with my precious baby girl, Melissa, in my arms.  The storm was crashing all around, but my heart was at peace as I sang this song:  Till the Storm Passes By. 

America is going through a storm right now -- as we prepare to determine that Trump will be the duly elected president.  Evil forces abound, but God is greater.  The evidence of fraud is overwhelming, but remember, this is a spiritual battle.  The evil one doesn't give up easily.

And just in case you do not follow the news through alternative sources, you may not be aware that the election was:
• Pandemically-rigged with Covid 19
• Constitutionally-rigged by States ignoring Election Laws
• Digitally-rigged with fraction-magic electronic voting
• Conventionally-rigged with ballot-stuffing
• Agency-rigged by three-letter agencies turning a blind eye
• Judicially-rigged by courts turning a blind eye
• Media-rigged by lies and contempt for free speech
• Psychologically-rigged

Here's an important article -- very interesting:  Collection of Evidence on Fraud

We were born for such a time as this to do the following:

  •     Pray and do spiritual battle.  See Ephesians 6:10-18
  •     Live in obedience to His Holy Word so that our prayers are not hindered.  Remember this verse:  Those who abandon Torah praise the wicked, but those who keep Torah fight them. (Proverbs 28:4)
  •     Do our duty as American citizens by contacting our members of Congress - both the Senate and the House. Tell them to look at the huge mountain of evidence and then to do their duty to assure a true, fair, and LEGAL election.  And if they respond with a "vague" side-stepping answer, say something like this (borrowed from a friend):

" I recently emailed you about my concern over the Nov 3 elections. You responded by saying we need to let the process play out as prescribed by law. 

You are missing the point completely. That process can not be followed when you have justices on the bench who refuse to even hear the cases. This is a miscarriage of justice in itself. I don't care if they don't want to get in the middle of an election, the problem is, there is ample proof in several states, laws were broken and the fair election process was not followed. But there will be no justice when the justices on the bench refuse to do their jobs. 

That is where you should be stepping up and declaring you can not legitimize potential corrupt votes to be allowed through the electoral  process. You really need to see some of the accusations, military ballots with no fold lines, video (manipulated) proves ballots were scanned multiple times, win..dows blocked refusing clear transparency, observers denied access to view ballots meaningfully. 

If it was a fair election, there would be no objections to forensic audits. 

Please step up on Jan 6 and refuse to allow electoral votes to be cast from corrupt state elections." 


** This  post is part of a series to encourage believers and also to defeat the spirit of heaviness.  Singing and dancing is part of spiritual battle that defeats the enemy of our souls...and the soul of America.  See the first post HERE.

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