Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Some Trust in Lies and Fraud


 If one only listens to or watches the mainstream media (the alphabet news channels), one would think that there is no hope for Trump now that the electors have delivered their votes.  But, fear not!  There are many things happening that can/will turn this around. There is plenty of evidence, including hundreds of witnesses who have signed affidavits under penalty of perjury.  Watch this short video by Michigan's Matt Sealy which explains Trump's path to victory.  

Also, please contact your House representative and your senators.  Tell them to stand with those in the Congress who are calling for fellow legislators to stop the steal.  This is our duty, Gail-Friends.  Pray and put feet to your prayers. 

Please read the list of fraud below.  Share this with others, especially those who say there was no fraud (like the tv news and the corrupt judges who refuse to investigate). You will not hear about these things on the alphabet news either.  It's shocking and horrible how much fraud has happened. Tune in to Right Side Broadcasting and One America News to learn the truth.

 This is a list of Voter Fraud uncovered before, during and after the election on November 3:

Non-citizens voting

Registering in states other than the one resided in

Registering in multiple states

Moved out of state and still voted

Moved counties and didn’t update voter registration

Registered to vote after deadline

People registered to business addresses

People registered to PO boxes

People registered to non-existent addresses

People registered to RV parks and seasonal campgrounds

People registered to vacant lots

People registered at hotels/Casinos

Non-citizens voting

Dead people voting

Felons/Prisoners voting

Underage voting

Campaigning Fraud

Vote harvesting campaigns

Unofficial vote drop boxes

People signing up the elderly/senile and filling out votes for nursing homes

People signing up mental institutions to vote

Pay for votes operations

Mail Fraud

Sending out ballots before the first day allowed by law

Receiving back ballots before sending them out

Receiving more ballots back then sent out

Postal workers collecting mail-in ballots after election day from drop boxes

Postal workers backdating ballots

USPS not delivering some ballots

USPS not delivering campaign mail for certain candidates

USPS delivering ballots to out of state forwarding addresses

USPS not allowing whistle blowers to testify and retaliating

UPS/unauthorized shipping of ballots

People whos vote was stolen by someone during absentee voting

260k ballots went missing from a semi truck that was stolen

Ballots being distributed across state lines

Equipment Company Fraud

Vote counting company officers working at election facilities

Election equipment company employees running some polling locations

Election equipment company being able to remote in to equipment

Foreign owned voting machines with Venezuela connections

Biden Family owned a share of the voting machines company directly

Voting machines tied to Soros/Clinton foundation

Voting machines connected to the internet with results going out of country

Voting company using compromised solarwinds software

Biased people who made the voting machines who said they would make sure Trump didn’t win

Last minute uncertified voting machine updates

Least reliable voting machines in history running Windows 10

Multiple ‘errors’ that lead to votes switching

Voting machines allow adjudication to switch votes

$400 million dollar payout to vote counting company on the night of election from Chinese owned bank

Failed audit in Michigan showing voting machines switched votes

Process Fraud

No oversight of ballot adjudication

Changing state voting laws with executive order/violating the Constitution

Mass mail out unsolicited ballots

No ID for mail in voting

No signature verification for mail in voting

No ID check on some in person voting

No Check to make sure there are equivalent envelopes to ballots

Wrong ballots being given to polling locations

Not adequately training election workers

No emergency ballots at some polling locations

No chain of custody on ballots

No chain of custody on voting machines

No chain of custody on printing ballots/printers/paper

No chain of custody on USB sticks

Marking republican poll watchers bright yellow to segregate/throw them out

No checks for fake ballots

Suitcases of ballots unaccounted for


Recounts that aren’t by hand but fed into same machines

No enforcement of state statutes

Fraud By Election workers

Throwing out the poll watchers

Counting without state poll officials

Telling poll watchers counting was done

Election overseers and affiliates not doing their job

Counting votes with NO poll watchers

Fake accidents at polling sites to remove poll watchers

Covering windows to block poll watchers

Body blocking poll watchers

Verbal harassment of poll watchers

Campaigning at election sites

Biased vote counters in major cities with Antifa/BLM ties

Allowing fixing of votes only in certain areas

Not actually contesting contested votes when poll watchers call them out

Scanning ballots multiple times

COVID as an excuse to kick out poll watchers and keep them back

Election workers filling out ballots

Election workers who had days to print out ballots with no oversight

Missing USB sticks

Transposing military votes with no poll watchers

Vote contesters not allowed to properly view ballots in recounts

Poll workers caught handing out fake I.D’s to illegal voters

Poll workers coaching voters on who to vote for inside the voting booth

Secure voting boxes used as barricades to isolate poll watchers, while vote tabulators dropping ballots into unsecured bins

Fraud By Officials

Elected officials having financial conflicts of interests with vote counting companies

Governors and other elected officials ignoring massive evidence of fraud

Election officials, elected officials, and sheriffs ignoring Supreme court Justice Alito’s orders

Elected officials threatening citizen journalists with arrest for reporting irregularities

Elected officials accusing citizen journalists of racism for reporting irregularities

Election officials not following state statutes

FBI and DOJ seemingly absent from pursuing anything regarding election fraud

Fraud witnesses ignored by FBI

Denying alternative electors from entering capitol

Coverage Fraud

Social media companies interfering

Mainstream media interfering

Pollsters interfering with fake polls

Covering up the Fraud

Electronic disposal service trucks witnessed removing material from election facilities

Paper shredding trucks witnessed removing ballot material from election facilities

Ballot envelopes being destroyed instead of being held in secure facilities for the required 22 months

Fraud witnesses experiencing threats, assault, and intimidation

Deleting records of adjudication on voting machines

More proof of Fraud

Election workers feeling ballots that didn’t feel real

Massive vote dumps in Edison data coming in the middle of the night

Videos of poll workers taking out ballots and counting them in the middle of the night

over 100% voters in some places

Droves of statistical anomalies

Bedford’s Law

Ballot envelopes found in dumpsters

Ballot envelopes found in landfills

Videos of election workers burning Trump ballots

Tweets from poll workers bragging about committing election fraud

Vote switching caught on live TV

1000’s of ballots found uncounted in backrooms during recounts

Videos of poll workers filling out brand new ballots en masse

USB sticks randomly missing or appearing with votes


  1. Merry Christmas as we celebrate the Lord Jesus's earthly birthday. He is all about truth. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truths.


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