Sunday, April 8, 2012

Passover's Beginning

The story of Passover begins in Egypt. During their 430 year sojourn in Egypt, the Israelites had become slaves.  G-d prepared Moses to lead His people out of bondage into a new life in The Promised Land.  Pharoah refused over and over through each of the nine plagues to let the people go. **

1. Blood - The waters of Egypt turned to blood. All the fish died and water became unusable.
2. Frogs - Huge frogs swarmed the land of Egypt.
3. Gnats or Lice - Masses of gnats or lice invaded Egyptian homes and plagued the Egyptian people.
4. Wild Animals - Wild animals roved the land, and killed people and livestock
5. Pestilence -The livestock of the Egyptians were struck with disease.
6. Boils - The Egyptian people were covered with  painful boils.
7. Hail - Severe weather with heavy hailstones beat down the crops of the Egyptians.
8. Locusts - Locusts swarmed the fields and ate any remaining food.
9. Darkness - Darkness covers the land of Egypt for three days.

 The tenth and final plague finally changed Pharoah's hard heart.

Moses declared that on the fateful night, an angel of death would visit each house to take the first-born child.  The Israelites would be protected on one condition.  Each family must sacrifice a lamb and place its' blood on the top and sides of the door.  G-d promised that if the angel saw the blood, it would pass over that house and spare the first born child.  Those who believed the promise did as they were told.

That night, the angel passed every house in Egypt and took the first born ones to their death.  Imagine the mourning and crying heard in the homes without the blood.  Pharoah joined the crying and moaning for his son was among the dead.  Humbled by G-d's might, he changed his mind and pronounced freedom to the Israelites.

The Passover lamb is a picture of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).  His blood, when applied to our lives, saves us from eternal death.  We, like the Israelites are set free from sin's bondage and begin our journey to the promised land and G-d's Kingdom.

This week, as we meditate on Yeshua's saving blood, we are reminded of G-d's mercy.  A loving G-d has provided a way to escape death, but we must obey His instructions.

Dear Friend, have you applied the blood of The Lamb?  Have you believed in Yeshua to save you from death?

**Exodus 12

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