Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Everyday Blessings

Greetings from Golden Cottage!

I saw this graphic from Garden of Bright Images and knew I had to write about it.  It made me think of all the everyday blessings we take for granted.

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graphic from Garden of Bright Images on Facebook

It brought to mind what a blessing it is to have a baby.  Nothing in my life compares to the precious baby days with my two daughters and my grandson.  How quickly the baby days pass.  I'm thankful for those blessings.

Getting a new roof, which was just finished this week (damaged during Hurricane Irma) isn't an everyday blessing, but I thank Him daily for a non-leaking roof and a place to lay my head.  I thank Him for this every time I see a homeless person, too.

This man and this dog are everyday blessings for sure.  Yesterday was National Pet Day, and both of them are my pampered pets.  I'm thankful that Jem is turning me into a dog person, too.  What's not to love when you this pic, right?

A friend and I went to the Barberville Spring Frolic this week and enjoyed music, dancing, arts and crafts and the wonderful weather we experience (almost) every day here in paradise (aka central Florida).  I'm so thankful for girlfriends who are like-minded. Here are a few pics from the day's fun:

This group, Front Porch Revival, sang a song about Noah that I remember from my childhood.  It was done by Tennessee Ernie Ford back then.  Great song.  You can probably find it on YouTube.

The young lady in the middle is the daughter of a long-time friend of mine.  We enjoyed some great music that day, which is another everyday blessing because I have music playing all day long at Golden Cottage.

Barberville has a large collection of feathered friends.  The chickens and roosters are always fun to watch.  And this:

Being the true-blue bird nerd that I am, I just loved the show put on by the two male peacocks.  We also saw a flock of cedar waxwings having a berry buffet in a big tree.  I couldn't get a good pic to share, though. :(

Birds are an everyday blessing here at Golden Cottage.  Oh, how thankful I am for all the different varieties that visit the Golden Pond feeders.  Our newest visitors are the Indigo Buntings.  We have a nest in the bouganvilea bush:

Another everyday blessing is a fully-equipped kitchen with electricity and running water.  You don't take those things for granted if you've ever had to do without them.  I'm thankful for the everyday blessing of the way the morning light streams across my kitchen.  

What are some of your everyday blessings, Gail-Friends?


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