Friday, November 30, 2018

Sabbath Music - Happy Hanukkah Songs

Such overflowing blessings!  Shabbat tonight, and Hanukkah* begins on Sunday night.  Time to get those menorahs polished and gather all your candles.  I hope your Sabbath is rest-full, and your Hanukkah is JOY-full.  We'll be remembering the story of the holy oil that lasted for eight days, and celebrating Yeshua, the Light of the World. 

Blessings to you and enjoy this playlist of Hanukkah songs.

**Did you know that Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah) observed Hanukkah? Just click the link to learn about that little-known fact.  To learn more about the Festival of Dedication, click on the subject list on the right of this page.   Subjects are Feast of Dedication, Festival of Lights, Chanukah, and Hanukkah.  I've written quite a few posts about this holiday.   I hope you enjoy eight days of light, love, and JOY.

Good Shabbos, Happy Hanukkah, and JOY-full blessings to you all, dear Gail-Friends.

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