Friday, May 3, 2019

Sabbath Music - Clean Before My Lord

Shabbat Shalom and blessings to you all, dear Gail-Friends.  I hope your Passover celebration was worship-full and full of blessings.  Ours was.  The only bad part was that my phone camera decided to die that day, so I got no photos.  Others did, however, so I'll be sharing those next week. 

We were blessed to have my daughter, Amanda, sing for us.  She did a medley of songs about the blood of Yeshua.  This song was on my mind, so I asked her to include it.  I remember this song from the 1970's, and I hope you enjoy Clean Before My Lord by Honeytree.  She was a popular Christian artist during the 70's Jesus Movement, and is still recording.  I enjoyed listening to other videos by her on YouTube this week.

Have a blessed Sabbath.

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