Saturday, October 10, 2015

31 Days of Garden Tours - Day 10

Welcome back, sweet Gail-Frends.  Today, we'll be visiting the pond and garden of the Hunt family on Merritt Island.  The garden has a large collection of tropical plants and trees, and focuses on plants with fruit.  The picture below is a water barrel at the Hunt home.  I want to paint one like this.

This garden features a huge pond that covers 1/3 acre and is filled with koi, bream, tilapia and catfish.

Isn't this an inviting spot?

I love this fanciful dragonfly sculpture.

I imagine they enjoy some nice parties on this lovely deck that overlooks the pond.

My grandson enjoyed the fish.

They had a great, big chicken coop, but only one little, lonely chicken.
This beautiful old oak tree had a bleeding heart climbing up into its branches.

Our guide said this was the hottest pepper known to man, and warned us not to even touch it.  I think it was diablo or something like that - meaning "the devil".  

These are mangoes.  Recently, I had a "champagne" mango, and they are even better than the common variety. 

Mango and avocado trees are abundant here in our area.  The avocado are the Florida variety, which are quite large.  I prefer them over the California Haas variety. 

This tree was very interesting.  It called the "egg fruit" because when cooked it tastes like a cooked egg yolk.  Our guide said it makes a wonderful ice cream that tastes like eggnog.  Since it grows well here in Florida, I think I"ll put one in our yard. 

These are lychees.   Yummy fruits. 

We saw another tree that had fruit that tasted just like a strawberry, but I didn't get pictures.  By this time, my grandson was ready to go HOME.  I think he did well to last through seven hours of pond touring.  We were weary, too, because here in central Florida by 2:00 pm it gets so hot you have to go inside for some good,old AC.
Tomorrow, we'll visit one of my favorite gardens of all the many, many tours I've been on, so be sure to stop by.

 Blessings to you, Gail-Friends! 

This is a partial re-post from 2014.  I hope you don't mind, as I'm going to have to take a short break from posting.  The posts for 10/8 through 10/13 will be previous postings, but you don't want to miss them, so be sure to stop by every day. I'll be posting my most recent pond tour visits beginning October 14.


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