Friday, October 23, 2015

Sabbath Music - A Night of Extravagant Worship

Are you ready for the "happy hour"?  That is the time when the sun goes down and Shabbat arrives.  Did you know that Hashem made this day especially for you?  It is his gift.  A day of rest and refreshment, and worship of the One who loves us so much. 

"God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy." 
(Genesis 2:2)

Here is some beautiful worship music for your Sabbath.  It's A Night of Extravagant Worship, by Paul Wilbur.  Be still and listen to the words and you will be blessed.  

The first song is one of my favorites.  I believe all creation is crying out for Yeshua to come, and I say, "Come, my Beloved.  I am so ready. Come soon." 

Gail-Friends, I pray you will have a blessed Sabbath, filled with shalom.

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