Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gratitude - Day 8 - Recovery

This huge chain reminds me of the bondage of addiction
 The Spirit of the L-rd G-d is upon me; because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; sight for those who are blind.   (Isaiah 61:1-2) and (Luke 4:18-19) 

G-d set me free from addiction.  Today I am grateful for recovery from compulsive overeating and food addiction to sugar. I give all glory and credit for my weight loss to G-d.  The Twelve Steps** were, and are still today, a part of my life.  G-d used them to set me free from the bondage of addiction.

I call the Twelve Steps my way of coping with stinking thinking, because that's what I had in the past.  I pray the Steps as a morning meditation to start my day.  Of course, the Bible is a part of my morning routine, but the Twelve Steps are a practical way to live the Bible, especially for people like me.

Since I grew up in alcoholism, I developed a very dysfunctional way of thinking, and  a crazy way of coping with life....eating.  I ate when I was hurting, confused, happy, sad.  You name it, I ate over it.  Naturally I gained weight.  Then I lost it.  Then I gained it again.  Over and over and over again.

I found the Twelve Steps in 1984, and I believe they saved my life.  My thinking was so messed up, and I found a way to cope with my emotions and problems that really works for me.  The process involves surrender to G-d and seeking His will for me daily.  I found serenity, peace, freedom from resentment, fear, and of course, freedom from binging and addiction to sugar.  This was not an over-night process, mind you, but a journey.

The Twelve-Step process works for any dysfunction, addiction, or compulsive disorder:  food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, debting, shopping, hoarding, co-dependency, sex, pornography...I could go on.  Basically, any sin can be overcome using this process.  There are support groups for each that offer help through phone, internet and face-to-face meetings.  Sponsors are also a big part of the process in recovery groups, offering private one-on-one help that is invaluable. 

The Twelve Step process also helps those who live with or are affected by a loved one's addiction.  I wish I'd known about Alateen when I was growing up.  I also found Al-Anon in 1984, and was so much more equipped to cope with my father's alcoholism and with other family problems.  The principles of that program help me deal with those in my life who suffer with bondage of some sort, whether they be friends, family, or those who visit or join our synagogue.  The principles of the Twelve Step program are invaluable as a counseling tool when used alongside the Holy Scriptures.

You can find help for your addiction or coping with  a loved one's addiction through online resources such as:

RFA (Recovery from Food Addiction)
FAA (Food Addicts Anonymous)
OA (Overeaters Anonymous)
CEA-HOW (Compulsive Overeaters Anonymous-HOW)
Al-Anon and Alateen 
(for families and friends of alcoholics)

Or just do an on-line search by typing in the specific problem along with "anonymous" to find a support group for your specific need.

**these are the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which I have adapted for overeating.  You may learn more about the Steps at this link: Twelve Steps
Also very informative and interesting are the history and the Biblical origins of Alcoholics Anonymous
The history website also includes many other helpful articles.

You can read the story of my weight loss, as published in a popular magazine here.

I pray this helps someone out there.  I'd be blessed to know if it does.

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    1. Hi Gail! Glory as you overcome in His strength and power! 1984 was my new life year, too - though I never struggled with addiction - just brainless and unsaved. Your testimony and growth through the years has been a blessing to many souls in need. Blessings as you continue to serve Him in all your ways.

      Many thanks, too, for the encouraging words about my empty nest. Yes - there is that part of me that is giddy with hope in a new season - but sentimental about the joys of my kids in their growing years. Changes in my way of thinking on the horizon, I daresay . . .


    2. I love this and thank you for letting the world know that 12-step groups are for Christians, also. They can be a great place to let our light shine. Shine on, dear sister.

    3. Thank you for sharing your story.

    4. Thank you for sharing your story! It truly is amazing all we can overcome if we allow the Lord to guide and walk us through it! Thank you for linking up at Simply Helping Him last week! Blessings!


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