Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude - Day 10 - Music Part 1

What would the world be like without music?  I shudder to think of it, don't you?

Music is such a big part of my y life, and my tastes are quite eclectic. I grew up in the 50's, the beginnings of rock and roll.  My adopted family played gospel, my daddy liked country and bluegrass, and my mama loved Elvis Presley.  I thought I would give you a sample of each of these styles.

The first is Southern Gospel, by the LeFevres Quartet, singing Way Down Deep in My Soul.  I remember singing this song around the piano with my Aunt Inez, Uncle Ronnie, and my cousins.  Sweet memories.

Daddy loved bluegrass , and  Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were his favorites.  Here they are performing Foggy Mountain Breakdown.  Daddy would have to dance when he heard this one.  If the song came on while he was driving, he'd  stop the car and say, "I've got to cut a step."  He'd jump out and dance, right there in the road.  Funny memories.  He was a real character.

Rock and Roll music was all the rage in the 1950's, and Mama played the radio all the time.  She loved Elvis Presley better than all the other singers, and we loved to watch American Band Stand together on Saturdays.  I liked Fabian Forte.  You never heard of him?  He sang Turn Me Loose, and he made my little 9 year old heart flutter as much as Elvis did Mama's. 

Well, that's the music I grew up with, and I hope you enjoyed listening as much as did.  Tomorrow, I'll share the music I loved during my teen years, the 1960's. 

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